Young Player of the Season

Naturally a hit and miss affair, some of the winners of the Young Player trophy have gone on to great things for the club, while others never quite fulfilled their early promise.

Shaun Cunnington was the first winner of the young player award

Mark McGregor and Neil Roberts have won both this award and the senior version, and they were joined in 2009 by Marc Williams, who became the first to claim both in the same season.

Neil Taylor won the award and four Summers later was playing in the Olympics!

 Some real club legends, like Gareth Owen, Phil Hardy, Mark McGregor, Bryan Hughes and Mark Jones won the award, and Neil Taylor, Mark Jones and Craig Morgan went on to earn senior caps for Wales.

Max Cleworth
  AgeSeasonWxm Career
1983/4Shaun Cunnington17560267(2)16
1984/5Andy Edwards1946(1)13125(29)35
1985/6Shaun Cunnington19584  
1986/7Roger Preece177(3)2116(26)15
1987/8Darren Wright1940(5)2138(10)9
1988/9Darren Wright20525  
1989/90Gareth Owen170(7)1408(67)45
1990/1Gareth Owen1833(6)3  
1991/2Phil Hardy18570480(4)1
1992/3Jonathan Cross1742(4)9116(37)17
1993/4Dave Brammer1819(7)2158(25)16
1994/5Bryan Hughes1854(1)11100(27)21
1995/6Mark McGregor1832(6)1309(9)14
1996/7Mark McGregor1946(1)1  
1997/8Neil Roberts1938(10)10  
1998/9Robin Gibson185(8)165(39)9
1999/00Robin Gibson1924(8)4  
2000-1Lee Roche19530  
2001-2Shaun Pejic1812(1)0  
2002-3Craig Morgan163(7)151(21)2
2003-4Craig Morgan1717(6)0  
2004-5Mark Jones2027(12)5111(30)30
2005-6Mark Jones214816  
2006-7Matty Done1832(7)233(13)2
2007-8Neil Taylor1823(6)071(18)3
2008-9Marc Williams2025(4)1762(32)21
2009-10Chris Maxwell192901080
2010/11Chris Maxwell20410  
2011/12Mathias Pogba2032(12)1253(23)16
2012/13Nick Rushton2012(9)412(12)5
2013/14Andy Coughlin2033076(1)0
2014/15Robbie Evans1920(13)397(39)7
2015/16Robbie Evans2043(3)3
2016/17Leo Smith1812(9)116(12)1
2020/21Jordan Davies 2234(5)8 81(6)29 
2021/22Max Cleworth2332(4)137(4)1
Wrexham career figures correct at end of 2020-21 season. No award between 2017 and 2020.

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