Wrexham’s Greatest FA Cup XI

It’s wonderful to see Wrexham rediscovering our FA Cup form and reminding us all of the remarkable pedigree we’ve enjoyed in this competition. When we drew at Harrogate in this season’s qualifying round, we set a club record for the most games without a win in the FA Cup. Since then we’ve rediscovered our winning ways, and now approach an opportunity to add a cup … Continue reading Wrexham’s Greatest FA Cup XI

Wrexham AFC Win Over Leyton Orient is Overdue

Last October’s 2-2 draw against Leyton Orient was the first time we’d met in eleven years, and to find our last home win against them you have to go back to January 1995. That match was a memorable affair though. The crowd was swelled to 6,616 as vouchers were being distributed for the upcoming FA Cup tie at Manchester United, and the swollen crowd were … Continue reading Wrexham AFC Win Over Leyton Orient is Overdue

No More Madness at Maidstone Please!

Let’s hope there’s no repeat today of our last trip to Maidstone, when the referee took centre stage. Sam Allison’s erratic performance had a massive influence on a day when almost everything went wrong for Wrexham. Our problems began before the match when Chris Dunn injured himself in the pre-match warm-up, so Christian Dibble was dramatically thrust into his Wrexham debut. Despite the disruption, we … Continue reading No More Madness at Maidstone Please!

Shankly Knows Best For Maguire-Drew

Last Saturday was the first time this season that Jordan Maguire-Drew wasn’t in the matchday squad. There might be nothing more to see here than a continuation of our regular rotation of forward players. However, it’s tempting to view the decision, at least to some degree, as an attempt to try something different in order to get Maguire-Drew back to the exciting form he showed … Continue reading Shankly Knows Best For Maguire-Drew

Is Brad Walker the new Danny Williams?

Is Brad Walker the new Danny Williams? The similarities between the on-loan Crewe player and Williams, a Wrexham stalwart of the first decade of the century, are obvious. Big, strong and able to either play as a centre back or in front of the defence, both players have the attributes necessary to help a side battle its way through a season in the lower divisions. … Continue reading Is Brad Walker the new Danny Williams?

From Famine To Feast

Alex Taylor asked on #askwxm about penalties before the Dagenham game, as at that point we hadn’t had one this season. which was a stroke of genius, because he made it inevitable that we’d be awarded a penalty in that match!   One for @m_griffiths92 #askwxm for Saturday’s game… what’s the longest we’ve gone without being awarded a penalty? We’re on for going the whole … Continue reading From Famine To Feast

I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles

The fast-moving, noisy trailers on TV will tell you that football is an exciting, sexy sport, full of triumph, glory, joy and tame indy rock. It isn’t. Football is suffering, anger, disappointment and the occasional fleeting moment of hope, which dissolves when you think it’s actually going to turn into something real. Nothing encapsulates football better than Chesterfield v Wrexham, March 9th, 1997. I can’t … Continue reading I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles

Wrexham AFC Women Write a New Page in Our History

Inevitably, the focus at a football club is on the first team, and this season is no different as we hope Sam Ricketts’ side can make a sustained push for promotion. But there’s more than one first team at Wrexham AFC this season. Even in the context of this ancient club’s history, what’s happening is a game changer. We have a fully-affiliated Wrexham Women’s team … Continue reading Wrexham AFC Women Write a New Page in Our History