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Wrexham and Immigration: Keates Gets It; Atherton Doesn’t

Dean Keates isn’t from Wrexham, but he hit the nail on the head when he talked about the town on the Summer. Asked about his recruitment, he said he wanted to sign players who are “honest hard-working people” to match “the DNA of this community”. Perhaps our MP, Sarah Atherton, ought to sit down with Keates so he can tell her a few things about … Continue reading Wrexham and Immigration: Keates Gets It; Atherton Doesn’t

Do Wrexham’s old players always score past us?

If you’re a Wrexham fan you’ll have been brought up to believe a lot of “truths” about the club: we always lose on TV, and on artificial pitches; in the Good Old Days we always got five-figure crowds for home games; we don’t really want to go up (that’s a bizarrely persistent one!); and we always do badly against sides at the bottom of the … Continue reading Do Wrexham’s old players always score past us?

Tread Softly John, Because You Tread On My Dreams

If Wrexham fans, or supporters of any side at the middle chunk of the pyramid, think the ESL has nothing directly to do with them, they’re completely wrong. It’s a project devoted to robbing us of the ability to dream. I’m very happy to be a Wrexham fan at the moment. As the European “Super” League furore rages, it’s nice to feel smug about the … Continue reading Tread Softly John, Because You Tread On My Dreams

Kwame Thomas: Our Flexible Friend

Can we talk about how we talk about football? We try to pigeon hole everything in our lives. Our desire to label and categorise means every film must have a genre, every band must fit into a musical category, and every footballer has to fulfil a cliché. Short goalkeepers are “good shot-stoppers”, when in truth every keeper needs to be that; hard-working midfielders aren’t expected … Continue reading Kwame Thomas: Our Flexible Friend

The Battle of Eastleigh

In November 1955, a packed Racecourse hosted the most notorious game in its long history. On Tuesday, behind closed doors, we staged a remake. The pitch-side altercation between Wrexham and Eastleigh in midweek was remarkable. It certainly wasn’t the clichéd “handbags” that sexist commentators like to describe with a blithe lack of awareness. It brought back memories of that brutal Welsh international, played 66 years … Continue reading The Battle of Eastleigh

Wrexham’s Debt To Mr. De Marco

An impressive array of established football figures have been attached to the McElhenney and Reynolds project over the last few months, but if we’re able to make it back into the Football League,  an unexpectedly important contributor to our ongoing success might be Nick De Marco. De Marco is the most prominent football lawyer in the country at the moment, and last month he enjoyed … Continue reading Wrexham’s Debt To Mr. De Marco

Massive March

Facing Sutton on their patch feels like the beginning of the sharp end of the season. We’ve got ourselves fairly securely into the play-off spots, but Sutton are really well-placed: in terms of points per game, they’re the top team in the division. Games in March are usually highly significant, but this season everything’s different. There’s a lot of football still to be fitted in, … Continue reading Massive March

The Trickle-Down is Why Keates is our Man

The Wrexham takeover by Rob McElhenny and Ryan Reynolds is nothing short of a fairytale, but when you consider their timing it becomes nothing short of miraculous! To have secure funding in such a time of crisis is unbelievably reassuring. Without the change of ownership we would be fighting for our lives; instead, we could be in a remarkably strong position as we prepare for … Continue reading The Trickle-Down is Why Keates is our Man

Slow and Steady Wins This Race

Dean Keates has often spoken of the importance of developing an unbeaten run, and as he won multiple promotions during his playing career, he should know what’s required. In a season which has seen clubs around the world struggle to find consistency in remarkable conditions, we seem to have settled into something approaching consistency. If it’s not a flash in the pan, we might just … Continue reading Slow and Steady Wins This Race

Super Tuesday Sets The Agenda

It will go down in history as Super Tuesday. The day the takeover of Wrexham AFC finally went through, and we had final permission for our optimism to go through the roof. Oh, we also had an excellent away win against the side which was 5th in the table, and in doing so jumped back into the play-off positions for the first time since early December. … Continue reading Super Tuesday Sets The Agenda

Promotion Requires Patience

It feels odd to be preaching patience at the end of January, but this bizarre season, twisted out of shape by forces beyond anyone’s control, throws convention out of the window.  Dean Keates is still fine-tuning his side, and Tuesday’s game was an interesting indicator of his progress, up against a side which plays in a very similar manner, and looks to have clicked.  Our … Continue reading Promotion Requires Patience

3-5-2 Starts To Add Up

Last Saturday was an interesting glimpse into the evolution of the 3-5-2 Dean Keates has reverted to. There were some interesting alterations, some forced to an extent by injury, which made the new formation look more fluent than it had done previously. The combination of Adi Yussuf and Jordan Ponticelli up front was a revelation. This was the first time they started together in the … Continue reading 3-5-2 Starts To Add Up

Hats Off To Harris

I’m sure you might just have noticed that things are changing a bit at The Racecourse! It certainly felt like a major moment of transition when Spencer Harris announced that he would be stepping down from his responsibilities at the club and the trust. I chose the word “responsibilities” carefully, because it’s the appropriate way to describe how a key person at a football club … Continue reading Hats Off To Harris