Parkinson and Southgate Show Caution Pays

Before the World Cup started, England manager Gareth Southgate was under severe pressure, as all England managers are prior to a tournament. A strong performance against Iran has quietened the noise around him, but it’s not a free-flowing win that makes them contenders for the trophy. As Phil Parkinson’s Wrexham are currently showing, flamboyance is great, but it’s solidity which brings rewards. Our remarkable home … Continue reading Parkinson and Southgate Show Caution Pays

World Cup? Meh. Give Me More Wrexham.

How odd to find we’re a handful of days away from a World Cup, and yet I’m really not terribly excited. Even more so, despite this being the first World Cup Wales have reached in 64 years, I’m struggling to work myself up for it. A major reason for my apathy is something I’m really rather pleased about. Wrexham are far more interesting than the … Continue reading World Cup? Meh. Give Me More Wrexham.

Quality Photography: Wrexham’s Secret Weapon

Wrexham has many public weapons in our pursuit of promotion (and world domination!) However, it’s worth acknowledging a rather potent secret weapon in our arsenal. The quality of photography available to the club is remarkable, and it might not be immediately apparent, this is an immense benefit as we try to push forwards. Great photography and Wrexham AFC are no strangers, of course.. As a … Continue reading Quality Photography: Wrexham’s Secret Weapon

Tunnicliffe Takes His Opportunity

Phil Parkinson spent the Summer accumulating strength in depth so his side wouldn’t fold under the effects of an injury crisis as we did last season. It’s an appropriate moment to take stock of Parkinson’s squad replenishment as we’ve finally seen what Jordan Tunnicliffe has to offer. Tunnicliffe was an eye-catching capture. He enjoyed an impressive season with Crawley Town in League Two last season, … Continue reading Tunnicliffe Takes His Opportunity

Final Whistle: The Oldest Football Podcast in the World!

I’m delighted to say that the Final Whistle podcast, which I started off at the LDV Vans Trophy final in 2005, is the longest-running football podcast in the world. I’ve been researching this for over a year, and no podcast which began before Final Whistle is still running. An American podcast began before us, but no longer features football, while The Guardian and The Times … Continue reading Final Whistle: The Oldest Football Podcast in the World!

Time For Wrexham Council To Step Up To The Plate

The good times continue to roll, and the remarkable crowds continue to roll in at The Racecourse. Now we just need to ensure that Wrexham Council do their duty next month and ensure that we can include even more local people in this uplifting experience. We enjoyed our biggest crowd of the season on Tuesday, as we broke the 10,000 barrier for the first time … Continue reading Time For Wrexham Council To Step Up To The Plate

I hear you’re a Chester fan now

History was made on Tuesday night. For the first time, Wrexham fans cheered a Chester goal! What could make such a remarkable thing come to pass? The short answer is that if both cross-border rivals won their FA Cup replays we’d clash in a barn-storming first round tie. The long answer is considerably more nuanced. When you get what you desire, it can mean you … Continue reading I hear you’re a Chester fan now

In Case of Emergency

It felt like a bit of a surprise on Tuesday when we changed our formation. The surprise was that it didn’t work. We didn’t earn ourselves an equaliser, and we failed to mount late pressure on Notts County’s wobbly defence, despite having carved a number of good opportunities out throughout the match. That was disappointing, because we’ve regularly fought back successfully after switching shape. There’s … Continue reading In Case of Emergency

Was This Parky’s Best Win?

Was last Tuesday the best performance Wrexham have managed under Phil Parkinson? Quite possibly: this was a sumptuous display which laid bare exactly what the manager has been looking to achieve with this squad. I’m bemused by claims that Parkinson is too defensive, an accusation levelled at the manager by a disgruntled minority as recently as our last home game. We scored three goals in … Continue reading Was This Parky’s Best Win?

Parkinson’s Wrexham Take Wing

The only bad news to come out of last Saturday’s joyous spanking of Torquay United was the injury to Jacob Mendy. The left back went off half way through the first half with what looked like an unpleasant muscular injury. It was a terrible shame, as he has started to illustrate with a flourish why Phil Parkinson thought he would improve his already impressive squad. … Continue reading Parkinson’s Wrexham Take Wing

Review: “Welcome to Wrexham”

“Welcome to Wrexham” was always going to be a game-changer. As I explained last week, that was always the intention: the exposure we receive should help us to expand exponentially as new fans are attracted to the club. After the US premiere of the show, the football club gained 6,000 followers on Twitter overnight. We still have top billing on the various streaming services which … Continue reading Review: “Welcome to Wrexham”