Even Massiver Floodlights

Like everyone else, when I saw the headlines I had a moment of panic. We were voluntarily demolishing the massive floodlights? Really? Of course, once I’d read the story, things felt a good deal better! We have massive floodlights. This is part of our heritage, and a matter of pride. Other football grounds have measly lights, often mounted on the roof of the stand. I … Continue reading Even Massiver Floodlights

The Consoling Tao of Ryan Reynolds

I have to make a confession: I didn’t feel nearly as gutted at the final whistle on Saturday as I ought to have done. Our season had just ended in the most cruel, dramatic manner possible. All that work, all those dreams, everything about the last year, had come to nothing. We’d scaled remarkable heights, pulled off ludicrous feats of escapology and heroism, but ended … Continue reading The Consoling Tao of Ryan Reynolds

Keeping The Dream Alive

Can Wrexham still win the title? We still believe, but circumstances have pushed that belief further into the realms of hope than we’d like. This has been an incredible season, and since the fixtures were announced we knew it was all leading up to this epic encounter with ancient rivals Stockport County. What we didn’t realise at the time was that a quirk in the … Continue reading Keeping The Dream Alive

Home Sweet Home

I’ve been watching Wrexham since 1978. That’s 44 long years of devotion. Some of those years felt very long indeed! Yet the past few month has flown by. We’ve just experienced one of the most special, wonderful series of games any Wrexham supporters have enjoyed. It’s time to take stock and relish what we’ve witnessed. The seven consecutive home games we’ve just played out isn’t … Continue reading Home Sweet Home

Titanic II: Wrexham AFC v Stockport County

Well, what a way to prepare for a game like this! The Stockport County semi-final was always going to be an absolutely titanic clash as the first of two meetings between the outstanding sides in the National League. There’s only one team good enough to halt the Hatters, and that’s Wrexham. Nobody else has the quality to threaten to beat them to the league title, … Continue reading Titanic II: Wrexham AFC v Stockport County

How Brexit Will Affect Wrexham AFC

Turmoil seems to be the defining theme of this century, and the rapid change we’re living through even impacts on life’s trivial affairs.  Football means nothing in the face of what we’re currently seeing on the news, but change at global level trickles down, and even Wrexham can’t avoid the consequences. Whatever you think of Brexit, there’s no question it’ll affect our strategy just at … Continue reading How Brexit Will Affect Wrexham AFC

Parkinson Makes A Connection

Phil Parkinson arrived last Summer with a big reputation, and a big task: to deliver promotion for a very demanding fan base. For much of his first six months in charge, those supporters seemed to be reserving judgment, but after 7 wins on the trot they look like they’ve been won over. His emotional reaction in front of the fans after the win in Chesterfield … Continue reading Parkinson Makes A Connection

Wrexham’s Incredible Travelling Army

The switch to a Friday night will have an impact, as will the granting of permission for us to stream the game live, but nevertheless, our FA Trophy game at Notts County will be played out in front of an impressive away support. You don’t need me to tell you that attendances have been utterly remarkable this season. We’ve attracted in excess of 7,500 fans … Continue reading Wrexham’s Incredible Travelling Army