Hosanah is the Final Piece of Wrexham’s Jigsaw

The last six weeks have been dominated by talk of squad building. The transfer window finally shut this week, so did we actually develop the all-singing, all-dancing squad we hoped for? The deadline day itself was quieter than anticipated, but the sole signing was a significant one. Bryce Hosanah wasn’t the type of player we expected to see arriving at The Racecourse, but he tells … Continue reading Hosanah is the Final Piece of Wrexham’s Jigsaw

Cleworth Shines at Solihull

We were hoping for a dramatic start to the season, and we weren’t let down. Eye-catching new signings made spectacular debuts and Phil Parkinson started his managerial reign by getting a result away to difficult opposition. Yet it was an unexpected performance by a youngster that stole the show. That’s not to diminish all those debutants. Paul Mullin looked too good for our division, which … Continue reading Cleworth Shines at Solihull

The Gang Solve The Transfer Crisis

Another week, another crazy signing! Aaron Hayden’s arrival from Carlisle, like the previous capture of Paul Mullin, has sent shock waves around the lower divisions of the Football League. Once again, a player who has succeeded in the division above us, who is looking to take a next step up the ladder, has decided that we’re the best option for their career progression. Obviously, we’re … Continue reading The Gang Solve The Transfer Crisis