Player of the Season

John Roberts after winning the trophy in 1979.
John Roberts after winning the trophy in 1979.

Named after Jack Williams, an early stalwart of the Supporters’ Association, the Player of the Year Trophy has been an institution at The Racecourse since the mid-seventies. The votes of the fans determine the winner and, as you can see, their selections contain a number of men who are guaranteed their place in any list of Wrexham greats.

Jim Whitley in 2001
Jim Whitley in 2001

Three players have won the award twice, Mike Williams, Kevin Russell and Gary Bennett, while Neil Roberts achieved an unwanted and rather peculiar feat in 2008 when he was named as Player of the Season and immediately released by Brian Little!

  Winning Season Wxm Career
1975/6Brian Lloyd6103330
1976/7Graham Whittle56(3)35371(23)117
1977/8Gareth Davies653604(8)22
1978/9John Roberts500189(2)6
1979/80Dixie McNeil4921210(2)88
1980/1Steve Fox44(4)11173(8)18
1981/2Eddie Niedzwiecki5401410
1982/3Robbie Savage34133413
1983/4Dave Gregory57(1)24184(10)45
1984/5Jack Keay50419911
1985/6Mike Williams33(2)0232(6)5
1986/7Mike Williams621  
1987/8Kevin Russell4825328(34)79
1988/9Kevin Russell6027  
1989/90Nigel Beaumont553150(5)4
1990/1Mark Morris5501370
1991/2Andy Thackeray575183(17)18
1992/3Tony Humes480247(8)10
1993/4Gary Bennett5139175(2)114
1994/5Gary Bennett6547  
1995/6Waynne Phillips53(2)5285(36)23
1996/7Andy Marriott5602610
1997/8Brian Carey572333(8)17
1998/9Dean Spink43(11)3105(20)12
1999/00Darren Ferguson476192(1)24
2000/01Mark McGregor537309(9)14
2001/02Jim Whitley390912
2002/03Andy Morrell5139192(75)96
2003/4Dennis Lawrence515220(10)19
2004/5Andy Holt58797(1)10
2005/6Danny Williams514192(7)13
2006/7Steve Evans39(1)288(5)7
2007/8Neil Roberts37(2)9137(29)40
2008/9Marc Williams25(4)1762(32)21
2009/10Andy Fleming39(2)170(6)1
2010/11Jay Harris42(2)5208(11)20
2011/12Neil Ashton511243 (1)16
2012/13Danny Wright43(4)1874(12)25
2013/14Mark Carrington41(1)2108(12)5
2014/15Manny Smith6121084
2015/16Connor Jennings481495 (7)23
2016/17Martin Riley31(1)073(3)0
2017/18Shaun Pearson455140(1)12
2018/19Rob Lainton5001010
2019/20Luke Young39(2)3116(16)19
2020/21Luke Young4311  
Wrexham career figures correct at end of 2020-21 season

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