Half Season Review

Wrexham FC the flat track bullies of 2015! That’s my double edged accolade for the first half of this season. Giving us a dry pitch, a tactically inept opposition manager and a team low on confidence and we provided the stuffing for the turkeys before Christmas. Bad weather, a pressing team with determination, and some nous equalled an entirely different destination for the Saxo.

Progress has been fantastic this season, not good enough for a lot of fans ,but fantastic nevertheless. North Walians are willing to watch Conference football in serious numbers and Mills will have some wriggle room in January. He has built on some of Wilkin’s recruitment, and some of the football played has been a joy to watch. Our demands are incredibly high: we want players and tactics to thrill us, but also an impenetrable defence. We aren’t getting everything, but it’s better than last season, and I wouldn’t think many analysts have written us off yet. I’ve written a few players off though.


The three main central defenders do not make a central defence. The piano shifter/piano tuner combo just isn’t there. We lose out fatally with any possible combination of the three: Hudson/Smith – no leader and mistake prone, Hudson/Fyfield – goes wandering, Smith/Fyfield – aerial weakness. Mills has also tried all three together, and given them a better keeper but all to no avail. One needs to stand down and one benched, and for me its Hudson (out) and Smith (benched). If that’s the decision we need a big experienced guy in for January.

In midfield Moke and Evans have been good enough for me, but we aren’t getting enough from anyone else at the Club to call them a first teamer. I think adding to midfield may not be necessary if we can be better at the back. I’d like a Joe Clarkey/Tolleyish/Scott Green type (taller with a bit of oomph.)


Dom Vose is not a player for bad pitches. His delicate finesse and gliding runs don’t suit bogs. I want him off and up the leagues to be replaced by a rougher diamond. Others will point to his brilliance and scoff at this. I will point to games where we’ve simply got too many creative players and no creation being provided. Wes York battles back, beats people with pace and some skill, scores goals and suits the Conference better than Vose.

I expect us to reach the playoffs, because I expect Mills will improve us in January. The most reassuring part of the New Year is that if we can keep around the 5th – 8th positions then we’ll get some great crowds, meaning we can keep improving. With better weather alone I think we can manage 6th.

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