Keep Keates

The Wrexham Leader recently published an article where fans comments on how to improve the team were requested. The question was sidestepped and all the published comments called for the removal of the current management team. Below are some statements you may not agree with, but are at least reasonable. They  may give you a view into my ‘alternative reality’. We’re all having to construct … Continue reading Keep Keates

Hypothecated taxes and their influence on European non-governmental alternatively structured entities (ASE’s)

This is a critical look at ‘Build the Budget’. I don’t want anybody to read it in case they’re deterred from making a contribution. Hopefully the article’s  title has switched most people off. It looks like a straightforwardly positive scheme, but I’ve got concerns. Why do we vote in General Elections? We vote to choose a Government to run the United Kingdom. They have greater … Continue reading Hypothecated taxes and their influence on European non-governmental alternatively structured entities (ASE’s)

What can we expect next season?

  Mark Griffiths has gone on his annual ‘Saga seal clubbing in the Scilly Isles’ trip, and the rest of our youthful media team have ; had a wash, taken some E’s and set off to follow McFly on their comeback tour of Kazakhstan. I’m left glowering in a darkened room, dreaming of peerless Scottish strikers, massive profligate spending and exquisite Racecourse catering. I can’t … Continue reading What can we expect next season?

Conservative Accounting Is Costing Us Dear

At Christmas last year we were handily placed. A terrible Christmas period yes, but the playoffs were in reach. The squad needed freshening, rejuvenating or shooting, take your pick. What is indisputable is that Mills needed funds. Did we have the funds to give him? Well that is an interesting question. Mills did an amazing job in turning our form round. Simon Heslop was an … Continue reading Conservative Accounting Is Costing Us Dear

You Are Missing Out

One thousand and eighty nine Wrexham fans almost saw history made on Saturday. One thousand and eighty nine people held their breath as Kayden Jackson’s shot bobbled towards the goal. A microsecond when our bobbling season, looked to be taking a massive bounce forward. There are ten thousand plus people in Wrexham who want to see the Reds make history and most are missing out. … Continue reading You Are Missing Out

Mills Makes Sense

“An experiment is a failure only when it also fails adequately to test the hypothesis in question, when the data it produces don’t prove anything one way or another.” ― Robert M. Pirsig, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance: An Inquiry Into Values Gary Mills has been experimenting, he’s been forced to. His actions have been logical, measured and not lead by the jerking … Continue reading Mills Makes Sense

Trust and Confidence

The ‘mutual duty of trust and confidence’ is an Employment Law concept that every employee should be aware of. If your employer treats you badly your ‘trust and confidence’ in them is damaged. If they treat you really badly or do a series of unpleasant things you can leave and may have a claim for constructive dismissal. Wrexham Football Club are holding their AGM on … Continue reading Trust and Confidence

Half Season Review

Wrexham FC the flat track bullies of 2015! That’s my double edged accolade for the first half of this season. Giving us a dry pitch, a tactically inept opposition manager and a team low on confidence and we provided the stuffing for the turkeys before Christmas. Bad weather, a pressing team with determination, and some nous equalled an entirely different destination for the Saxo. Progress … Continue reading Half Season Review

Forest Green Rovers – A serious threat to the environment

What a super chirpy little club Forest Green Rovers are. Not only are they eccentric champions of the little guy, they serve Vegan food, thus protecting our cute lambs and piggy wiggys from being minced, chomped and abused by the less enlightened. They’re getting some great press for team success and their caring, supposedly forward thinking sustainable approach. Well here’s some bad press : they … Continue reading Forest Green Rovers – A serious threat to the environment

2 years- 1 year take your pick NOW!

Mike Lake joined Wrexham part way through a season and made the difference. Scott Green had a similar effect. All we need is a similar figure recruited in January and we’ll romp to the title in the weakest Conference for years. It’s easy this Footy management lark, especially whilst sitting on front of ‘The Keyboard of Truth and Righteousness’. I don’t think its contentious to … Continue reading 2 years- 1 year take your pick NOW!

The men who stare at goats

When you watch Andy Bishop, do you see a league quality player, with a wholehearted approach, deft touch and the ability to finish? When Johnny Hunt played did you see an energetic, consistent footballer with great positional sense? When Brett Ormerod graced the Racecourse, did you sense a clever mind, utterly dedicated to the team ethic, playing for the love of the game? Or were … Continue reading The men who stare at goats