2 years- 1 year take your pick NOW!

Mike Lake joined Wrexham part way through a season and made the difference. Scott Green had a similar effect. All we need is a similar figure recruited in January and we’ll romp to the title in the weakest Conference for years. It’s easy this Footy management lark, especially whilst sitting on front of ‘The Keyboard of Truth and Righteousness’.
I don’t think its contentious to say we haven’t got a reliable defensive method. I don’t attribute any individuals for this, for me there are two serious contenders for blame. One is that we don’t have a defensive leader, and indecision/poor positioning is the problem. The other candidate is Mill’s preference for a ball player at the back of midfield. Take your pick on the problem, but its isn’t a lack of goals that stops us getting 0-0 draws.
All over the pitch we have doubts, and all over the pitch there is hope (How ‘Super’ is ‘Super James Gray’? How ‘Magic’ is Dom Vose?). The conundrum now facing Mill’s is whether to do battle for an expensive and steely eyed leader of advancing years, or let this team learn. Most fans will bay for the quick solution, but it won’t necessarily work and it might have a serious effect on morale. I would hate Mill’s to decide he needs to change the way we play, it’s so pleasing on the eye, and it must have had some effect on early season gates,. We know from his previous teams that it can work , and we’ve seen it work here.
The issue boils down to whether this is a two year or one year plan. In favour of a one year push for promotion is our healthy points position and our dominance of possession in most games. Against the one year plan is our limited resources for gap plugging and the number of nailed-on success stories we have this season. In my view Manny Smith has warranted his selection as a central defender, Connor Jennings is definitely worth keeping in his new role, and Wes York the same. That’s the end of my list of definite success stories, and why I’m tending towards a two year plan.
I am full of fascination for the team and its individuals. There is lots of young, exciting potential and Mill’s provides a base for the potential to be realised. Hopefully we can resist the panic button and continue to progress, perhaps a little slowly. Mill’s doesn’t have the luxury of time. The time he decides between 1 year and 2 year plans must be NOW.

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