Carrington’s Suspension Tests Wrexham’s Resources

mark_carrington_red_card_bristol_roversSo Mark Carrington’s appeal came to nothing and now we’ll begin to see whether the thinness of our squad is going to be an insurmountable obstacle this season.

The appeal was built on sound foundations as the accuracy of the referee’s description of the foul in his report is often what’s under scrutiny rather than the challenge itself. However, if we ignore the cynicism of Adam Cunnington, whose sly peep over his shoulder to check if he’d earned his fellow professional a dismissal, and look at the challenge without bias or emotion, you can see why the ref gave a red card.

Carrington’s absence for the next three games means the lack of experienced back-up in our squad will now be exposed. We’re entering a key run of games. Having gone through a fairly friendly start to the season without garnering the results we’d have hoped for, we now are in the midst of a testing sequence of games. Carrington’s replacement might get to introduce himself with a home match tomorrow, but the subsequent two matches will be testing: a trip to league leaders Barnet followed by the big derby at the Deva.


The man at the front of the queue is young Ross White. He made an admirable debut against Woking, but young lads naturally have lapses as they gain experience and White was twice beaten after being left exposed to the dangerous Dean Morgan, the second occasion leading to the winning goal. I really rate White, but throwing him into this sequence of games will be a real test for him.


The other alternative would be Steve Tomassen, but as he hasn’t even featured in the sixteen this season I’d have to assume he’s not going to get the nod. Tomassen might be more suited to playing at centre back, but he started last season as first choice right back and is perfectly capable of playing there. Indeed, bearing in mind our poor defensive record this season and the nature of our forthcoming matches, selecting a full back who is capable of defending the box might be a good idea.

I’m confused by the situation with Tomassen though. Having fallen behind White and Anthony Stephens-who started the season with one start at this level between them-in the pecking order it would seem his chances of advancing his Wrexham career are limited, making the decision to give him a contract in the Summer a peculiar one.

At least Carrington’s replacement will at least, one assumes, have the extra protection of a wide midfielder in front of him following the switch to 4-4-2 which has made our vulnerable defence look more solid over the last week. That extra level of security might be crucial as we see just how deep our squad is.

2 thoughts on “Carrington’s Suspension Tests Wrexham’s Resources

  1. Glad to hear your views on Tomassen, his status puzzles me as well. In pre-season at The Rock he looked like he was struggling with a back problem. I thought he was one of last season’s successes. Amongst the carnage you didn’t here his name being sullied much, and I think he’s the best ball playing centre-back on the books.

    1. I like him. He made the odd error last season but it was his first run of games so that’s understandable, just as it’s natural White had a couple of shaky moments on his debut. I like the idea of Tomassen being the man to fill in now and White being brought through as the long term solution, but to be fair Wilkin sees them in training and reserve games and has more to base his decisions on.

      Still,Tomassen’s total absence from the squad surprises me: I certainly don’t think he’s the type whose face doesn’t fit in as he’s possibly the most affable bloke I’ve ever interviewed!

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