A Missed Opportunity

What about that then? A great win over a side which went into the game still hoping to win the league. Yet my over-riding feeling after watching that performance has to be bitter-sweet.

I’ve been convinced all season, and indeed all through the last campaign, that the top end of the Conference has been weak. Frustratingly, when we were tilting at the title we had cash-rich clubs like Crawley and Fleetwood barring our path. In two fallow seasons we’ve watched from a distance as much weaker sides have scrapped over promotion like two bald men fighting over a comb. I’ve no doubt that the sides Dean Saunders and Andy Morrell led into the play-offs would have gone up in both last season and this.

Watching Wrexham outplay Grimsby so comfortably therefore left me frustrated. If what we came up against at Blundell Park really is the standard at the top of the league this season, then we’ve missed out badly.

It really wasn’t difficult to make them look ordinary. All we had to be was organised and they resorted to hopeful long balls. Their fans were on their backs almost straight away, and The Mariners showed little or no creativity.

What a huge pity that we’ve failed to make the most of our resources because the paucity of quality at the top of the table means this was a real chance to go up. Let’s hope we’re in a better position to capitalise next season!

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