Wrexham v Grimsby Town Podcast

Here’s the Grimsby podcast.

One thought on “Wrexham v Grimsby Town Podcast

  1. What on earth is this confused analysis of our failings! Did we fail because we initialy used 4-3-3 or because Keates and Harris had a bad day? History tells us these personnel can play well in this formation, so its more likely their performance than the formation, and perhaps the underperformance of Wes York as the creator on attack. My view is that attacks on 4-3-3 are misguided. We know we can have a solid defence with this formation , we know the midfield are comfortable with it, and we have numerous attacking options to utilise it. With 4-4-2 we have a vulnerable midfield, an exposed defence and underutilisation of our attacking players (assuming astute substutions). Saunders tried 4-4-2 with more resources.

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