Misdirected Anger Doesn’t Help Wrexham

Plenty of Wrexham fans are angry at the moment. I understand that, but their anger is being directed at the wrong target. Andy Morrell is the subject of most people’s ire. As I’ve previously suggested, I feel that making him the scapegoat is unfair, not to mention incredibly short sighted. It wasn’t so long ago that he was the best thing since sliced bread, and … Continue reading Misdirected Anger Doesn’t Help Wrexham

The Danny Wright Saga: The Board Speaks Out!

It’s a sign that you’re disappearing up your own backside when you start replying to your own blog post! Yesterday’s comments by Danny Wright on his departure to Forest Green certainly stirred up a hornet’s nest! The club have now responded, which is wise in the circumstances. Normally I’d rather a club wasn’t drawn into a “he said she said” sort of dispute, but if … Continue reading The Danny Wright Saga: The Board Speaks Out!

Wright Opens Up Sores As He Attacks The Trust

As I write a storm is brewing over Wrexham FC. Or, more accurately, the WST. Danny Wright has just tweeted his justification for leaving The Racecourse, and it makes for uncomfortable reading: So what to make of that? One has to immediately say that a popular player who leaves a club might feel the need to justify his decision, and any such account will be … Continue reading Wright Opens Up Sores As He Attacks The Trust

Support The Sponsors, Support the Club

Here’s my column from last week’s Leader. It forms part of the paper’s comprehensive pre-match coverage every Friday, featuring interviews, an in-depth look at the opposition and lots of statistical analysis. All content in the column (c) http://www.leaderlive.co.uk. A post on Red Passion last week really got me thinking. It was calling for fans to start supporting local businesses that sponsor the club, and it … Continue reading Support The Sponsors, Support the Club

Our Biggest January Signing?

We might not have been able to play at Lincoln today, but there’s been some highly significant activity at The Racecourse as we’ve brought in an important new face this weekend. Not a player, but an appointment which could be as crucial as any new centre forward. Except a cloned Gary Bennett, of course. Or that Messi chap. The new commercial sales manager has a … Continue reading Our Biggest January Signing?

A High Stakes Game

Three directors’ statements in a week, and it’s not even Friday yet! Something big must be happening! Hopefully it’s the final writhing not only of a regime, but of a redundant model of financial management at Wrexham FC. Yes, the stakes are that high. The optimistic part of my brain hopes the trio of missives are a desperate attempt by the board to squeeze one … Continue reading A High Stakes Game

Tell Me On A Friday

Another day, another trauma. You didn’t really think the soap opera of Wrexham FC had played itself out, did you? The departure of Dean Saunders, and the board’s subsequent announcement that all is not smooth on the takeover front, has given us another Grim Friday to add to the pile. After another unhelpful statement, it’s still a struggle not to take the position of the … Continue reading Tell Me On A Friday

Time to stand up and be counted

After suffering their first defeat of the fledgling conference season last Saturday at Barrow Dean Saunders men need to get back on track as they welcome York City to The Racecourse tomorrow (Saturday). The best start to a season for over a century will have been wasted if the Reds do not build on it and push on. With no game in midweek to get … Continue reading Time to stand up and be counted

Another day another dollar

Wouldn’t it be nice if that was the case at Wrexham FC where one day runs into another, the club operates smoothly and doesn’t attract asset stripping vultures, the team is playing well and the fans are all happy and concentrating on the next match, forums debating football related issues and not the alleged past criminal activities of x,y and z. But wait – after so many … Continue reading Another day another dollar