Hats Off To Harris

I’m sure you might just have noticed that things are changing a bit at The Racecourse! It certainly felt like a major moment of transition when Spencer Harris announced that he would be stepping down from his responsibilities at the club and the trust. I chose the word “responsibilities” carefully, because it’s the appropriate way to describe how a key person at a football club … Continue reading Hats Off To Harris

An Open Letter to Wrexham County Borough Council

This letter was published on February 15th 2017 in The Leader I’d always assumed that people run for public office because they are driven by a desire to protect what is precious about their community. Your actions over the last few years have made me doubt that assumption. I hope you will prove me wrong in the coming months by pursuing a resolution to the … Continue reading An Open Letter to Wrexham County Borough Council

Trust and Confidence

The ‘mutual duty of trust and confidence’ is an Employment Law concept that every employee should be aware of. If your employer treats you badly your ‘trust and confidence’ in them is damaged. If they treat you really badly or do a series of unpleasant things you can leave and may have a claim for constructive dismissal. Wrexham Football Club are holding their AGM on … Continue reading Trust and Confidence

Show Some Backbone

Things have come to a head. Opinions are hardening, and theories about our failure abound. So whose got the backbone for the fight? Do you think your views are in the majority? Great, then have the courage of your convictions and act, but beware, the rules have changed. Wrexham, and all other clubs, go through periods of failure. It’s not worth defending the current on-field … Continue reading Show Some Backbone

Logic’s on Wrexham’s side

Here’s my column from last week’s Leader. It forms part of the paper’s comprehensive pre-match coverage every Friday, featuring interviews, an in-depth look at the opposition and lots of statistical analysis. All content in the column (c) http://www.leaderlive.co.uk. Well here it is, the 150th year in Wrexham’s history. It’s the moment we’ve been looking forward to for…well, for 150 years! Or more honestly for the … Continue reading Logic’s on Wrexham’s side

The Ducks are Aligned

I’ve been to two events recently that have convinced me our club is going in the right direction. The first was the Trust AGM, and the second was the friendly against Swansea U21s. They were both enjoyable affairs, both leaving me with many questions left unanswered, but also a sense that the club is packed with talented, determined people. AGMs are clearly not a majority … Continue reading The Ducks are Aligned

They’re Altogether Ooky

Wrexham have been extremely fortunate that previous and prospective custodians of our club, have been people of exemplary character. They’re the sort of people you would exclaim to; ‘Yes!, I will buy that second-car with the weld mark round the middle from you, and while I’m at it, do you do Payment Protection Insurance?” Many clubs have not been as fortunate as us, and it … Continue reading They’re Altogether Ooky

Red Passion or Rude Poison?

I read the Red Passion independent fans web forum daily. If you’re an avid follower of Wrexham FC you have to. If you don’t you’ll miss out on truth, lies, gossip, rumour and the views of a pretty large number of people with varied WFC opinions. l use other sources for Wrexham news but RP is indispensible. It can claim a great significance in the … Continue reading Red Passion or Rude Poison?

Support Millwall FC’s cause and do Wrexham FC a favour

So, what does a man do when he has a train ticket to Braintree burning a hole in his pocket and no match to go to? There’s only one real option, a trip to see The Lions! Well, that was literally the only option as it was the only professional level match going ahead in London on Saturday thanks to the weather and the FA … Continue reading Support Millwall FC’s cause and do Wrexham FC a favour