THE WRAP: Wrexham FC v AFC Telford United

Wrexham’s first defeat to Telford – we won our previous five matches. First home defeat by four goals since February 2011 (Gateshead 2-7) Jay Harris made his 275th career league appearance. Second red card of Connor Jennings’ career: first one for Macclesfield against Halifax in August 2013, five minutes after coming on as a sub. Neil Ashton made his 225th Wrexham appearance. Mark Carrington made his … Continue reading THE WRAP: Wrexham FC v AFC Telford United

BALANCE SHEET: Stockport County v Wrexham FC

Positives: The second half. Our second goal! Ross White’s contribution, both defensively and bringing the ball out from the back. Louis Moult looked a level above anything else on the pitch. The overlapping of Neil Ashton and Mark Carrington in the second half stretched Stockport. Dean Keates back on the bench! As always, the work rate of Connor Jennings. In the midst of chaos, Jay … Continue reading BALANCE SHEET: Stockport County v Wrexham FC

No excuses! Get to the Wrexham game tomorrow!

I’m assuming, as you’re reading this, that you’ve an interest in Wrexham Football Club. In that case, you’d better make sure you get to The Racecourse tomorrow, as even at this early point of the season it feels like a huge match. There are a number of reasons for this. Obviously, there’s a real tide of excitement pushing the club on at the moment. It’s … Continue reading No excuses! Get to the Wrexham game tomorrow!

The Ducks are Aligned

I’ve been to two events recently that have convinced me our club is going in the right direction. The first was the Trust AGM, and the second was the friendly against Swansea U21s. They were both enjoyable affairs, both leaving me with many questions left unanswered, but also a sense that the club is packed with talented, determined people. AGMs are clearly not a majority … Continue reading The Ducks are Aligned

What’s in a Name?

Sometimes, when commentating, certain awkward situations crop up. There was one in the centre of Ebbsfleet’s midfield last night. Some names roll off the commentator’s tongue; there’s music in them. Dammy Shitta isn’t really one of them. The problem is that you don’t want to offend, but it’s surely more offensive to alter a person’s name because it happens to sound like a profanity than … Continue reading What’s in a Name?

Wednesday Morning Stat-O-Rama

Last Win: 26/02/2013 Barrow (a) 1-0 1 game ago Last Draw: 02/02/2013 FGR (a) 0-0 7 games ago Last Defeat: 23/02/2013 Gainsborough (a) 1-2 2 games ago Last Home Win: 16/02/2013 Gainsborough 3-1 1 home game ago Last Home Draw: 31/01/2013 Southport 2-2 2 home games ago Last Home Defeat: 10/11/2012 Hereford 1-2 10 home games ago Last Away Win: 26/02/2013 Barrow 1-0 1 away … Continue reading Wednesday Morning Stat-O-Rama