Promotion Requires Patience

It feels odd to be preaching patience at the end of January, but this bizarre season, twisted out of shape by forces beyond anyone’s control, throws convention out of the window.  Dean Keates is still fine-tuning his side, and Tuesday’s game was an interesting indicator of his progress, up against a side which plays in a very similar manner, and looks to have clicked.  Our … Continue reading Promotion Requires Patience

The Wrexham AFC Bring Your Son To Work XI

With the signing of Devonte Redmond, Paul Edwards’ son, today, I thought it might be interesting to compile an XI of Wrexham players whose fathers also represented the club. It wasn’t easy – Redmond is joining a very select band – and frankly this side wouldn’t function very well if it could somehow be put on the pitch: Wrexham players don’t seem to pass attacking … Continue reading The Wrexham AFC Bring Your Son To Work XI

You Know What Jason Oswell Needs? The Welsh Premier Cup

Here’s a radical thought: could a striker, brought in expressly to address a lack of goals in a team, be considered a success despite failing to find the net in his first 315 minutes on the pitch for his new club? I’d argue that after a slow start, Jason Oswell is starting to look like he has something useful to contribute, despite his lack of … Continue reading You Know What Jason Oswell Needs? The Welsh Premier Cup

Back to 1992

Welcome to a new beginning, although oddly enough it’s strangely reminiscent of 1992! The parallels between that campaign and the current one are both interesting and encouraging. That year was the launch pad for Brian Flynn’s long spell of success in the Racecourse hot seat, so going back to that future is something to embrace. The 1992-3 season saw us emerge from the grim darkness … Continue reading Back to 1992

TACTICAL REPORT: Bromley FC 3 Wrexham FC 1

So, what went wrong? This was certainly a stark defeat, if only because its nature was startling. For the opening quarter of the game, Wrexham’s game plan worked a treat, then a salvo of three goals turned everything on its head and the second half saw Gary Mills’ team dominate possession without looking penetrative. So how did this state of affairs come to pass? First … Continue reading TACTICAL REPORT: Bromley FC 3 Wrexham FC 1

Walker Flourishes on S4C

I find the rough treatment meted out to ex-players tiresome when they return to their old clubs (except for those special circumstances where they made a mess before departing, of course!) I’d rather look at how an old boy is doing and feel pride that they’re doing okay without us. Carlos Edwards set up a goal last week; John Ruddy continues to carve out a … Continue reading Walker Flourishes on S4C

Arrested Development

Here’s my column from last week’s Leader. It forms part of the paper’s comprehensive pre-match coverage every Friday, featuring interviews, an in-depth look at the opposition and lots of statistical analysis. All content in the column (c) Last Tuesday I watched Wrexham go out of the FA Youth Cup at Altrincham and it was a huge disappointment to see their run end. I’ve really … Continue reading Arrested Development

Maxwell’s Return Reflects Well On Both Him And Morrell

They say you should never go back, and in general I fully subscribe to that theory. Thank goodness Chris Maxwell doesn’t though: he could be the exception that proves the rule. Generally, going back to the scene of your greatest successes is fraught with danger. Expectations are too high, players are often older and a little over the hill when they rerurn, and it just … Continue reading Maxwell’s Return Reflects Well On Both Him And Morrell