Hosanah is the Final Piece of Wrexham’s Jigsaw

The last six weeks have been dominated by talk of squad building. The transfer window finally shut this week, so did we actually develop the all-singing, all-dancing squad we hoped for? The deadline day itself was quieter than anticipated, but the sole signing was a significant one. Bryce Hosanah wasn’t the type of player we expected to see arriving at The Racecourse, but he tells … Continue reading Hosanah is the Final Piece of Wrexham’s Jigsaw

The Battle of Eastleigh

In November 1955, a packed Racecourse hosted the most notorious game in its long history. On Tuesday, behind closed doors, we staged a remake. The pitch-side altercation between Wrexham and Eastleigh in midweek was remarkable. It certainly wasn’t the clichéd “handbags” that sexist commentators like to describe with a blithe lack of awareness. It brought back memories of that brutal Welsh international, played 66 years … Continue reading The Battle of Eastleigh

Slow and Steady Wins This Race

Dean Keates has often spoken of the importance of developing an unbeaten run, and as he won multiple promotions during his playing career, he should know what’s required. In a season which has seen clubs around the world struggle to find consistency in remarkable conditions, we seem to have settled into something approaching consistency. If it’s not a flash in the pan, we might just … Continue reading Slow and Steady Wins This Race