Wrexham’s Greatest FA Cup XI

It’s wonderful to see Wrexham rediscovering our FA Cup form and reminding us all of the remarkable pedigree we’ve enjoyed in this competition. When we drew at Harrogate in this season’s qualifying round, we set a club record for the most games without a win in the FA Cup. Since then we’ve rediscovered our winning ways, and now approach an opportunity to add a cup … Continue reading Wrexham’s Greatest FA Cup XI

Neil Taylor’s Fake News Weekend

Let’s start by getting all the important facts out in the open. Neil Taylor’s challenge on Seamus Coleman was inexcusable. No matter what you say about it, there is no defence for a challenge like that. If, at any point in this post, you think I’m making excuses for him, please refer back to that over-arching fact. Secondly, I’ve got to know Taylor a little … Continue reading Neil Taylor’s Fake News Weekend

The Law is an Ass

So Stephen Wright gets a three game ban for allowing himself to be smacked in the mouth by a celebrity. And it wasn’t even Cheryl Cole, poor bloke. Naturally anger is directed at the FAW disciplinary committee which returned the verdict, but such fury is misplaced. They can’t help the rules they have to play by. It’s a remarkably similar situation to the one which … Continue reading The Law is an Ass