Vote For The Wrexham FC Player of the Year 2013-14

Voting has opened on the official Player of the Season award. You can go here to place your vote for both Player of the Season and Young Player of the Season. Voting closes on April 23rd. Obviously, anyone is eligible for the Player of the Season provided they’ve played this season! As for the Young Player, they have to have been under 21 on the … Continue reading Vote For The Wrexham FC Player of the Year 2013-14

Kevin Wilkin Gets the Job – Wrexham FC Get Their Man

On January 10th  I wrote this – “Canny managers like Nicky Laws, Alan Devonshire and Kevin Wilkin (to name just a few) are doing their homework and working out what it takes to not only survive at this level but flourish too. Quite frankly, many of them seem to have worked out a way of frustrating footballing teams like Wrexham and picking up positive results.” When … Continue reading Kevin Wilkin Gets the Job – Wrexham FC Get Their Man

The Forgotten Man

In a season where disappointing signings has been a key factors to a some what disappointing campaign, I take a look at a player who’s seemed to have faded out of the team, after having so much promise.  Theo Bailey-Jones joined Wrexham after a successful trial with the reds last term and some good performances with the reserves. The young ex-Manchester City trainee looked to … Continue reading The Forgotten Man

Things Are Looking Up For The Reds

January, a new start for Wrexham as they aimed to change their poor season which began a whole six months ago. A disappointing mid-table position with some saying relegation was a possibility which, though I couldn’t see it myself, looked like a plausible opinion. But surely not? Surely the Wrexham that won the FA Trophy and were in the Play-Off final no longer than 10 … Continue reading Things Are Looking Up For The Reds

The Strikers Dilemma

One thing Wrexham have been lacking this season is an out and out goalscorer. As it stands, Andy Bishop and Rob Ogleby are the leading scorers with seven goals each. However, four of Bishop’s goals came in two games against Gateshead and five of Ogleby’s came against Hyde. The problem is Wrexham don’t play Gateshead and Hyde every week. Adrian Cieslewicz has obviously been sold … Continue reading The Strikers Dilemma

Wrexham 2 Gresley 1

I’ve been watching Wrexham for decades and I’ve seen this scenario played out many times. It’s usually been Wrexham on the other end of it though. Perennial underdogs, legendary giant-killers, our achievements are known throughout the game. But apart from the shocks there were also the near misses. The times when we tilted at a bigger side and emerged proud but defeated. This time we … Continue reading Wrexham 2 Gresley 1

Wrexham 3 Alfreton Town 1 – FA Cup 1st Round

Never mind parking the bus: getting it to the ground was a problem for Alfreton. Their performance was so far below par for most of the match that they might have wished the driver had turned tail and headed home. Much of the game felt like an object lesson in why the traditional  role for 4-4-2 has become obsolete as Alfreton played with three flat … Continue reading Wrexham 3 Alfreton Town 1 – FA Cup 1st Round

Tactical Analysis: How Wrexham Concede

As our league campaign takes a natural break for our first cup match of the season, this seems a natural juncture to have a look at how things have gone so far. Our defence has already had lots of attention, not least because of our well documented problems fielding a settled back four. In particular, the way Wrexham concede, and how that has changed as … Continue reading Tactical Analysis: How Wrexham Concede

Wrexham 1 Cambridge United 1

This is the 1,000th post on this blog, and I’m pleased to say it’s not going to be as difficult to write as I feared it might have been! After last Tuesday’s events an unpleasant air has lingered over The Racecourse. Dissatisfaction threatened to spill over into something more substantial, but this was a positive performance underpinned by decisive decision-making from Andy Morrell. It was … Continue reading Wrexham 1 Cambridge United 1