Chester 0 Wrexham 0

I’m willing to concede I’m a bit odd. Peculiar snippets of dialogue from TV shows stick in my head and become a memorable catch-phrase…but sadly only for me. That means I’ll often blurt quotes out and then spend half an hour explaining why they’re clever/memorable/relevant. So, here goes: there’s an obscure bit in a Simpsons episode which was made well past the point when the … Continue reading Chester 0 Wrexham 0

Crisitunity Knocks!

Lisa Simpson: “Look on the bright side, Dad. Did you know that the Chinese use the same word for ‘crisis’ as they do for ‘opportunity?’” Homer Simpson: “Yes. ‘Crisitunity!’” Homer has it right. The fact that our options are limited this week might just turn out to be a good thing after all. Why bother rotating your squad for the “congested Christmas fixture list” (© Sky … Continue reading Crisitunity Knocks!

Maxwell’s Return Reflects Well On Both Him And Morrell

They say you should never go back, and in general I fully subscribe to that theory. Thank goodness Chris Maxwell doesn’t though: he could be the exception that proves the rule. Generally, going back to the scene of your greatest successes is fraught with danger. Expectations are too high, players are often older and a little over the hill when they rerurn, and it just … Continue reading Maxwell’s Return Reflects Well On Both Him And Morrell