The FA’s Little Secret

If only it registered on the FA’s Premier League-obsessed radar, the FA Trophy semi-finals would offer them something their marketing team could get their teeth into. The fact that the fixtures will drift along over the next week, mattering only to the fans of the four participants, shows how the game’s governing body makes a lot of noise about grass roots football but fails to … Continue reading The FA’s Little Secret

Will West Ham’s Andy Carroll Get the Same Justice as Stephen Wright ?

Here’s something I wrote last week for WSC Daily. It’ll be very interested to see if Andy Carroll gets the same level of justice this week that Wrexham’s Steven Wright got last October. If he doesn’t the silent discrepancy in the disciplinary system will be exposed once more. Carroll’s red card against Swansea yesterday was very harsh, and if justice is done his suspension will … Continue reading Will West Ham’s Andy Carroll Get the Same Justice as Stephen Wright ?

Artell, Suarez and the Fine Art of Discipline

It’s been a good week for indignation. What a shame that the pointless fury of the nation has been directed against a bite in a football match rather than matters more appropriate for such ire, such as the refusal of police officers to testify at the Hillsborough inquiry. Instead the media has scrolled through the emotions from horror at what Luis Suarez did, through righteous … Continue reading Artell, Suarez and the Fine Art of Discipline

Anyone But Luton Please!

This is an edited, updated, revised and sexed-up version of my column from last week’s Leader because things have moved on swiftly since last Friday! It forms part of the paper’s comprehensive pre-match coverage every Friday, featuring interviews, an in-depth look at the opposition and lots of statistical analysis. All content in the column (c) What do I want from tomorrow’s FA Trophy draw? … Continue reading Anyone But Luton Please!

Sour FA

So let’s get this straight. If you host an FA Cup tie which is covered live by one of the two main broadcasters, you get £62,000. Yet if our match against Brighton had been played on Tuesday it would have been shown live by ESPN, and they’d have paid us both nothing! The weather saved us from feeling rather cheated! I don’t think any blame … Continue reading Sour FA

The Waiting Game

The agonising wait continues; who knew a rubber stamp could be so difficult to operate? There’s frustration on Red Passion and it’s building into fury. The target this time is the F.A., and I totally understand it. After all, other takeovers seem to be waved through with gay abandon, the number of basket case clubs testimony to the fact that the Fit and Proper Person … Continue reading The Waiting Game