Could Key Injuries Help Wrexham FC at Stoke City?

It’s counter-intuitive to think it, but is it possible that losing our twenty-goal strike combination might actually help us today? My heart says I’m being stupid. Andy Bishop and Louis Moult account for 43% of our goals this season, so losing them would surely compromise our chances of puling off something remarkable this afternoon. But my brain tells me that we can’t go into this … Continue reading Could Key Injuries Help Wrexham FC at Stoke City?

Kevin’s Big Day

Each manager needs his defining moment. On the anniversary of Wrexham’s victory over Arsenal, could Kevin Wilkin be on the verge of his? Wrexham Football Club has, over its one hundred and fifty years of existence, earned a terrific reputation as a giant-killing club. If a manager wants to be commemorated in the clubs proud hall of fame, some exploits in a cup would go … Continue reading Kevin’s Big Day

What Mark Hughes Needs to Know To Beat Wrexham FC

The following is an open letter to my good friend*, Stoke City manager Mark Hughes before the FA Cup tie tomorrow. Hi Mark, How’s things? I hate to be a turncoat, but I feel there’s something you need to know about tomorrow’s game, and if you follow my advice it’ll all turn out just fine. There are three things you need to know: firstly, trust … Continue reading What Mark Hughes Needs to Know To Beat Wrexham FC

PREVIEW: Stoke City v Wrexham FC

Here’s my column from last week’s Leader. It forms part of the paper’s comprehensive pre-match coverage every Friday, featuring interviews, an in-depth look at the opposition and lots of statistical analysis. All content in the column (c) In terms of the glamour of drawing Premiership team, coming up against Stoke’s terrific; in terms of drawing a side we’ve enjoyed playing in the past, it’s … Continue reading PREVIEW: Stoke City v Wrexham FC

The Forgotten Miracle

With the Stoke game upon us it’s natural to look back at great giant-killings in our long history, and we’ve seen plenty of coverage of our 1992 victory over Arsenal as a consequence. A remarkable FA Cup third round victory from ten years earlier seems to have been neglected though. Have we really forgotten the day we beat Brian Clough’s greatest side on their own … Continue reading The Forgotten Miracle

Wrexham FC’s 2014 in Numbers

Nobody can claim that 2014 has been a vintage year on the pitch. Looking through the figures from the last twelve months perhaps reflects this: without consistent performances the statistics lead us toward some rather surprising conclusions. But first the facts: we played 54 games in 2014 and won 38% of them, losing 33%. Appropriately in a mediocre year, that’s pretty much mid-table form: in … Continue reading Wrexham FC’s 2014 in Numbers

Stoke City: the club that keep on giving

What fortunate timing! Good job we had to  ask Stoke to let us keep Dan Bachmann before we play them in the cup. If we’d asked them after our glorious 4-0 victory they might not have been in such a charitable mood! Stoke are the gift that keeps on giving this Christmas! Bachmann’s presence is clearly crucial if we’re to achieve anything this season, and … Continue reading Stoke City: the club that keep on giving

My Alternative Christmas List

We’ve got £300,000 to spend at Christmas, so what are we going to buy? That’s after we’ve got Manny Smith and Louis Moult on long term contracts and a 6ft 4inch rangy,  skilful,  hard tackling,  midfield wizard of course. Perhaps a pair of slippers each, so we can be cosy during our inexorable rise up the table to promotion. I’m wildly estimating receipts from playing … Continue reading My Alternative Christmas List