THE WRAP: Wrexham FC v Torquay United

This is only the 7th time we’ve failed to score in 38 games against Torquay. Only the second goalless draw between Wrexham and Torquay (the previous one was in April 1989 at Plainmoor) Steve Tomassen’s 75th career appearance. Wrexham’s first goalless draw in 13 games. Just 4 of Torquay’s side and 5 of Wrexham’s started when the sides met on October. Kyle Storer and Kieron Morris’ Wrexham … Continue reading THE WRAP: Wrexham FC v Torquay United

Do Go Chasing Waterfall

So we’ve signed a centre back, “the immovable water feature” as he’ll be known from now on. Obviously we all need to reserve judgement until he’s settled in, but my recollection of his performance against us for Gainsborough Trinity in the FA Trophy semi-final is positive and he’s certainly the right sort of signing for our current situation. Ever since the season started I’d felt … Continue reading Do Go Chasing Waterfall

BALANCE SHEET: Wrexham FC v Stockport County

POSITIVES An emphatically dominant performance, especially in the second half. Two goals and three assists for Wes York. Louis Moult helped himself to three goals over the course of one and a half matches in the tie. Mark Carrington was highly impressive when switched into midfield. Steve Tomassen’s effervescent cameo. Andy Bishop’s superb assist for Louis Moult’s second goal. The Moult-Bishop partnership showed promising signs. … Continue reading BALANCE SHEET: Wrexham FC v Stockport County

Wrexham FC’s 2014 in Numbers

Nobody can claim that 2014 has been a vintage year on the pitch. Looking through the figures from the last twelve months perhaps reflects this: without consistent performances the statistics lead us toward some rather surprising conclusions. But first the facts: we played 54 games in 2014 and won 38% of them, losing 33%. Appropriately in a mediocre year, that’s pretty much mid-table form: in … Continue reading Wrexham FC’s 2014 in Numbers

Carrington’s Suspension Tests Wrexham’s Resources

So Mark Carrington’s appeal came to nothing and now we’ll begin to see whether the thinness of our squad is going to be an insurmountable obstacle this season. The appeal was built on sound foundations as the accuracy of the referee’s description of the foul in his report is often what’s under scrutiny rather than the challenge itself. However, if we ignore the cynicism of Adam … Continue reading Carrington’s Suspension Tests Wrexham’s Resources

A Statistical Review of Wrexham FC’s Season

The headline fact about this season, of course, is that we came 17th in the fifth tier, therefore suffering the lowest league position in the club’s history. As you might imagine, that means that a lot of our figures this season are the worst since the campaign which saw us relegated to the Conference six years ago. We conceded more goals and lost more games … Continue reading A Statistical Review of Wrexham FC’s Season

Wrexham 0 Lincoln City 1

Anyone who knows me will be aware that I’m not one to jump straight into rash judgements. I’m inclined to take a more cautious look at things, and hope I’m pretty measured – albeit perhaps a little conservative in my judgement. Therefore it’s with due consideration that I say that, bearing in mind the lack of coherent play, low quality of opposition and constant stream … Continue reading Wrexham 0 Lincoln City 1