Kevin’s Big Day

Each manager needs his defining moment. On the anniversary of Wrexham’s victory over Arsenal, could Kevin Wilkin be on the verge of his? Wrexham Football Club has, over its one hundred and fifty years of existence, earned a terrific reputation as a giant-killing club. If a manager wants to be commemorated in the clubs proud hall of fame, some exploits in a cup would go … Continue reading Kevin’s Big Day

Changelings, Hair Triggers and Joe Clarke

Here’s another storming guest blog from Congy Red. We need to make this loan deal permanent! Prepare yourself for the finest opening paragraph in the history of literature…. The aim of this article is simple; to convince you, the reader that Joe Clarke is not what he appears to be. So, come inside my Cloak of Infallibility, don your underpants of gullibility (worn on the … Continue reading Changelings, Hair Triggers and Joe Clarke