Promotion Requires Patience

It feels odd to be preaching patience at the end of January, but this bizarre season, twisted out of shape by forces beyond anyone’s control, throws convention out of the window.  Dean Keates is still fine-tuning his side, and Tuesday’s game was an interesting indicator of his progress, up against a side which plays in a very similar manner, and looks to have clicked.  Our … Continue reading Promotion Requires Patience

PREVIEW: Wrexham AFC v Tranmere Rovers

Tomorrow’s game represents an unwanted piece of club history for Tranmere Rovers as they line up for their first match in a competition no-one with a pedigree in the Football League wants to take part in. In Wrexham they’ll face a side which has a good pedigree in the FA Trophy. With a win in the trophy in 2013 and another visit to Wembley last … Continue reading PREVIEW: Wrexham AFC v Tranmere Rovers

Is Three at the Back the Answer?

I’m surprised to be thinking this, but three at the back might be the answer Gary Mills is looking for. The second half fightback against Eastleigh with such a formation encouraged many to see it as an option, but that was an aberration which didn’t convince me we should pursue that shape further. It was kitchen sink tactics: two down after a poor first half, … Continue reading Is Three at the Back the Answer?