VOTE | Wrexham AFC’s Best National League Midfield

Over the next few days, you can pick the best XI to have represented Wrexham in the National League. Each day there’ll be a poll for a different position – after you’ve voted for each position your XI will be revealed. Who will you pick in Wrexham’s best National League Midfield? As we’ve played 4-3-3 for most of our time in the division, the side … Continue reading VOTE | Wrexham AFC’s Best National League Midfield

#WxmAnorak: Gateshead 1 Wrexham 1

First time Wrexham have scored a goal in injury time which changed the result of the match since a Dagenham own goal earned a 1-0 win in October 2017, 71 games ago. Last time a Wrexham player scored a result-changing goal in injury time: Sam Wedgbury against Guiseley in September 2017, 79 games ago. The Dagenham goal is also the last time we scored a … Continue reading #WxmAnorak: Gateshead 1 Wrexham 1

Shaun Pearson and Wrexham AFC: The Perfect Match

At half time in the Salford game, we discussed with the Calon FM listeners who Wrexham’s player of 2018 was. There were lots of good candidates, but one clear winner. Shaun Pearson continues to set the example which others follow. Pearson made his 75th appearance for Wrexham in that match, and of course it wasn’t how he’d want to celebrate that milestone. However there were … Continue reading Shaun Pearson and Wrexham AFC: The Perfect Match

Watch out for the Wrexham – Eastleigh teamsheet

There’s an obvious question to ask before today’s match with Eastleigh: is Andrew Boyce playing? Boyce has pulled off a remarkable, unwanted feat in this fixture, as he was sent off in each of our last two matches against The Spitfires! Last season he walked in the 67th minute of our 1-1 draw at Eastleigh, receiving a yellow card for a late tackle on Sam … Continue reading Watch out for the Wrexham – Eastleigh teamsheet

Paul Rutherford – Sam Ricketts’ Unexpected New Signing

After Sam Wedgbury’s rather unnecessary departure last Summer, it was important that we found a player capable of adding that non-stop energy to the centre of our midfield. Who knew that the right man was in our squad already? It’s good to see Paul Rutherford back in the squad again after his early season injury. Rutherford, after all, has always been the most solid and … Continue reading Paul Rutherford – Sam Ricketts’ Unexpected New Signing

4-3-3 Offers More Threat

Did you enjoy Mike Fondop’s rather clever overhead kick? Rob Lainton’s penalty save? Well, my favourite moment of the Dover game came in the eleventh minute. There’s some nice build-up play which ends with Kevin Roberts slinging a good cross to the far post, which the centre back Max Schmoll has to head behind for a corner. What I liked about it wasn’t the fluency … Continue reading 4-3-3 Offers More Threat

2018-19 Wrexham AFC Season Preview

Here we go again! It’s said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over but expecting a different result, and I can’t help mulling that idea over as we start yet another attempt to get out of the National League. However, on this occasion, perhaps our greatest hope lies in repetition. We may have a new manager, but the season … Continue reading 2018-19 Wrexham AFC Season Preview