Nothing Can Go Wrong Now!

Feeling brave? Danny Baker has the ultimate test of bravery for any football fan. He suggests you pick your moment: ideally, wait until your team are a couple of goals up and looking good. Then, rise from your seat, hold out your arms in messianic fashion if you really feel like milking it, and declare, in your loudest, most confident voice: “Nothing can go wrong … Continue reading Nothing Can Go Wrong Now!

>Things are definitely on the up!

> Since the poor performance against Salisbury at the beginning of October we have gone 6 games unbeaten winning 4 and drawing 2 against the 2nd and 3rd side in the league on their grounds. This has to signify things are definitely on the up!Two FA Cup bananas overcome albeit on both occasions with late goals and possibly the best 90 minutes all round performance … Continue reading >Things are definitely on the up!

>Is Mackin the Key Man?

>There don’t seem to be many people eager to advocate Levi Mackin’s virtues, but the performance against Rushden made me wonder whether he isn’t a very important part of the side. After all, Tom Kearney was a lot more effective than he was against York, when Christian Smith didn’t cover the same amount of ground in support of him. Perhaps Mackin, who was full of … Continue reading >Is Mackin the Key Man?