#WxmAnorak | Wrexham AFC 1 Bromley 0

Last league win: 28/09/2019 Ebbsfleet Utd (h) 1-0 6 games ago. Last time Wrexham won back-to-back home games: Barrow & Halifax Town – August 2019. Last time Wrexham kept back-to-back home clean sheets: March 2019. Dean Keates’ last league win as Wrexham manager: 10/3/18 Chester (h) 2-0. Wrexham have won as many games under Dean Keates as they did before he was appointed this season. … Continue reading #WxmAnorak | Wrexham AFC 1 Bromley 0

5 Questions Before Wrexham AFC v Chesterfield (again)

Will Keates start with Saturday’s subs? Dean Keates’ bold triple substitution certainly made a difference on Saturday, injecting threat and directness into our play. But how many of the trio have earned a start for the replay? Akil Wright and Devonte Redmond certainly made a difference in the middle of the pitch, but will Keates be willing to drop Luke Young and Luke Summerfield, both … Continue reading 5 Questions Before Wrexham AFC v Chesterfield (again)

Embracing The Strange

or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Tunnocks Caramel Wafer Scottish Challenge Cup. I quite like the Tunnocks Caramel Wafer Challenge Cup. Am I mad? Let’s get one thing straight from the start: having teams from the fifth division of English football (and indeed, from the Welsh, Irish and Northern Irish leagues, not to mention SPL youth sides) is a ludicrous gimmick … Continue reading Embracing The Strange

Hoop Dreams: How JJ is Crucial to Wrexham AFC

When we consider Bryan Hughes’ time as manager of Wrexham, it’s impossible not to acknowledge his misfortune with injuries. Manny Smith was never fit enough to play for him, player of the season Rob Lainton has yet to take the pitch this time around and, having missed half the season, JJ Hooper became available for selection two days after Hughes had departed. Hooper’s absence has … Continue reading Hoop Dreams: How JJ is Crucial to Wrexham AFC

Bryan Hughes’ Fatal Spiral

Things can spiral quickly out of control. Even when you feel that you know the best course of action, circumstances can change dramatically. Bryan Hughes discovered that to his cost on Wednesday. As is often the case in these situations, Hughes has been a victim of both misfortune and his own mistakes. The bank holiday defeat at Hartlepool encapsulates perfectly both elements of his downfall. … Continue reading Bryan Hughes’ Fatal Spiral

Keep The Christian Faith

In a frustrating start to the season, where we’ve dropped late points in both our away games, there is at least the consolation that, even without last season’s player of the season, we haven’t fallen to pieces. I know we had to wait until last Tuesday to keep our first clean sheet of the season, and Rob Lainton won last season’s award for his calm … Continue reading Keep The Christian Faith

RESULTS | Wrexham AFC’s National League XI

So who did you vote into Wrexham’s National League XI? You’ve had your say, and after over 1,500 votes, here is your decision. GOALKEEPER Chris Maxwell  48% Rob Lainton     42% Joslain Mayebi   4% A two-horse race, but Chris Maxwell’s two successful seasons edged out last season’s player of the season. Considering the level of support Joslain Mayebi received when he was competing for the … Continue reading RESULTS | Wrexham AFC’s National League XI

VOTE | Wrexham AFC’s Best National League Goalkeeper

Over the next few days, you can pick the best XI to have represented Wrexham in the National League. Each day there’ll be a poll for a different position – after you’ve voted for each position your XI will be revealed. So who will you pick as the best goalkeeper of our National League years? Here’s the poll, and the National League appearance stats of … Continue reading VOTE | Wrexham AFC’s Best National League Goalkeeper

#WxmAnorak Season Review | Player Records

Rob Lainton has the best goals conceded per game record of any Wrexham goalkeeper, and the least games per clean sheet, in the club’s history.   20 players made their Wrexham debuts: Robert Lainton, Jake Lawlor, Kieran Kennedy, Brad Walker, Kemy Agustien, Scott Burgess, Luke Summerfield, Luke Young, Ben Tollitt, Jermaine McGlashan, Jordan Maguire-Drew, Bobby Grant, Jason Oswell, Cole Stockton, Anthony Spyrou, Mike Fondop. Rekeil Pyke, Stuart Beavon, Matty Sargent, Jack Thorn 2 players … Continue reading #WxmAnorak Season Review | Player Records

Who Will Be Wrexham AFC’s Player of the Season?

Awards season is upon us, and it’s appropriate to look back at the players who have made the greatest contribution to our promotion challenge, and are therefore in contention for the Player of the Season award. For me, it’s hard to look beyond Shaun Pearson. Last year he rightly won the award as a consequence of his leadership and fierce defending, and this season he … Continue reading Who Will Be Wrexham AFC’s Player of the Season?

#WxmAnorak | Wrexham AFC 3 Braintree Town 1

Shaun Pearson is now Wrexham’s top scorer with 6 goals. Pearson’s first assist since 27/1/18 Tranmere 2-2 (a) Braintree are the first team to equalise against Wrexham since 27/10/18 Chesterfield (a) 1-1. Braintree are the first team to equalise against Wrexham at The Racecourse since 25/8/18 Bromley (h) 2-2. Luke Young is the first Wrexham player to achieve two assists in a game since Luke … Continue reading #WxmAnorak | Wrexham AFC 3 Braintree Town 1