Wrexham 6 St Mirren XI 1

A battle-hardened Wrexham line-up beat St Mirren’s Under-19s: a valuable run out or child cruelty? The answer’s probably seventy per cent Option A, 30 per cent Option B. It brings to mind the episode of “The SImpsons” where Frank Grimes, exasperated by the blind eye everyone affords Homer, determines to humiliate him. He enters him in a competition to design a nuclear power plant without … Continue reading Wrexham 6 St Mirren XI 1

Summertime And The Football Is Easy

You know it’s July when the nation has its annual two weeks caring about tennis, the Americans “celebrate the independence of their nation by blowing up a small part of it” and football fans all over the country get excited by the prospect of a Cameroonian triallist they’ve never seen or heard of before. In reality, of course, games like today’s against Blackburn are merely … Continue reading Summertime And The Football Is Easy