Tactical Report: 10th September 2011 Barrow 3 Wrexham 1 Blue Square Bet Premier

Wrexham finallly came unstuck in their eighth game of the season, and there’s no doubt that their Fowler-centric approach was less effective than it has been in any other game this season, but while the reasons for that are worth analysing, don’t let that, the absence of Mark Creighton or criticism of the referee, blind you from the one basic factor which shaped this game: … Continue reading Tactical Report: 10th September 2011 Barrow 3 Wrexham 1 Blue Square Bet Premier

>Never Mind The Bollands

>Phil Bolland’s return to The Racecourse was anticipated by many of us with a great deal of curiosity, but like many things you look forward to, it didn’t turn out as one might have expected. Bolland was a steady presence in Brian Little’s doomed side last season; indeed, he was one of the few players Little signed who could be judged a success. Thus Little’s … Continue reading >Never Mind The Bollands

>Kearney To Sign?

> http://www.southportvisiter.co.uk/southport-sport/southport-fc/2008/05/23/southport-fc-boss-gary-brabin-goes-for-class-101022-20964730/ It seems we’ve bought Tom Kearney according to Southport’s manager. I have a vague recollection of him playing in midfield for Bradford, but can’t remember too much detail on him-a Halifax fansite says when he was at alley Parade he was thought of as the next Stuart McCall! If he arrives on top of Carden (not literally!) it certainly makes a return for … Continue reading >Kearney To Sign?

>The Cull Begins

> So the first tranche of players released has been announced, and although there are some sensible decisions (and one which is a blessed relief!) I’m still left with a basic concenr about whether Brian Little’s decision-making is what it should be. Don’t get me wrong; I don’t think Michael Proctor is God’s gift to football. However, he was the only player last season who … Continue reading >The Cull Begins