Wilkin is the Strong Silent Type Wrexham FC Need

So Kevin Wilkin it is then! I’d love to make out I had some inside knowledge, but I must say that the board played their cards impressively close to their chests throughout this process. My attempts to put two and two together and assume Micky Mellon was the man after he left Barnsley yesterday merely taught me that speculation is never a wise idea! Wilkin’s … Continue reading Wilkin is the Strong Silent Type Wrexham FC Need

>You Win Nothing With Kids

> I suppose there’s no point in speculating on the quality of new signings when we haven’t seen them play for ages, but since when did that stop anybody? Gareth Taylor was certainly an effective player a few years ago. One might argue that he was an effective player last season as he started a third of Doncaster’s games in the Championship. One might also … Continue reading >You Win Nothing With Kids

>Taking A Chance on Jansen

>Matt Jansen’s arrival at The Racecourse is certainly a fascinating one! The question is whether he is the Matt Jansen he was seven years ago. I’m sure we’re all familiar with the story of the dreadful motorcycle accident which threatened not only his career but his life back in 2002. The question is whether he’ll be able to rediscover the form he enjoyed in his … Continue reading >Taking A Chance on Jansen