Dean Keates and Jorge Sampaoli: separated at birth.

Another match, another milestone. The win at Solihull was Dean Keates’ first away victory, and it reinforced a notion that he has achieved something incredibly difficult: he has turned the attitude of a failing squad 180 degrees. In that sense, it’s tempting to draw comparisons between this win, achieved in front of barely a thousand in the fifth tier, and the biggest win in European … Continue reading Dean Keates and Jorge Sampaoli: separated at birth.

The FA’s Little Secret

If only it registered on the FA’s Premier League-obsessed radar, the FA Trophy semi-finals would offer them something their marketing team could get their teeth into. The fact that the fixtures will drift along over the next week, mattering only to the fans of the four participants, shows how the game’s governing body makes a lot of noise about grass roots football but fails to … Continue reading The FA’s Little Secret