Is today the biggest test of the season so far?

I am not particularly superstitious but as Mike and Marc Williams roll into town today with their Kidderminster Harriers colleagues are the gods stacking up against Dean’s red and white army? Having overcome the challenge of ,what I thought was an average, Fleetwood Town side on Bank Holiday Monday the Reds boss has been awarded the BSB Premier Manager of the Month for August. Historically this … Continue reading Is today the biggest test of the season so far?

Is Marc Playing For A Contract?

I’ve already said that circumstances suggest Marc Williams won’t be offered a new contract as a Christmas present. His involvement in the squad since his return suggests I might be wrong; I certainly hope so! The question now is, if offered would he sign it? That might seem like an odd question as it seems to be the accepted wisdom that Williams is desperate for … Continue reading Is Marc Playing For A Contract?

Westwood Loss Part of a Worrying Bigger Picture

>In itself, the loss of Ashley Westwood doesn’t fill me with dread. In context, though, it’s a worry. Westwood is sound, but not irreplaceable. I thought he finished the season playing as well as he ever did for us, but the fact is he’s a solid Conference centre back in his mid-thirties, so hardly impossible to replace. However, when you factor in the number of … Continue reading Westwood Loss Part of a Worrying Bigger Picture

>Decline and Fall

>Our current slide is a bit worrying, isn’t it? Going into a tailspin doesn’t have to have disastrous consequences as long as you pull out of it quickly, but that’s something we’ve signally failed to do. Our aspirations have changed dramatically from being a hot tip to get into the play-offs to something approaching outside bets: I think that’s how you’d describe a side who … Continue reading >Decline and Fall

>Player of the Season So Far!

>Driving back from Stevenage my Dad and I began to muse over the odd nature of the last couple of years, and the consequences for this season. There have to be repercussions from the massive turnover we’ve experienced this time around, with the side currently undergoing its third major reshuffle in the course of a calendar year (hold tight for another in January!) To illustrate … Continue reading >Player of the Season So Far!

>Saunders Makes At Least One Family Happy!

>Fab fact of the day: of the ten goals we’ve scored so far under Dean Saunders, six have come from the Williams brothers! Proof of his motivational abilities, as he inspires both of them to achieve the best scoring streaks of their careers? Or something rather more basic? It’s hard to score if you’re not on the pitch, and neither Williams brother made a start … Continue reading >Saunders Makes At Least One Family Happy!

>Mike’s Day to Remember!

>It was difficult not to feel a bit sorry for Mike Williams last Saturday! Dean Saunders’ great line about not having to pay the concussed defender his winnings after their side-bet on him scoring got the headlines, but it must be pretty frustrating to score the first goal of your career and not remember it afterwards. I’ll have to find out if he remembers now. … Continue reading >Mike’s Day to Remember!