There’s More To Life Than Goals

In terms of usefulness the striker who doesn’t score many goals might seem to be right up there with the old chocolate fireplace. However, while many barren forwards are indeed pointless, it is possible for such a player to make a major contribution to his team. It’s in the latter category that Danny Wright fits. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that, over the last few games, Wright has been as important a player for us as any other. That’s despite the fact that he’s certainly short of goals-four in half a season isn’t a great strike … Continue reading There’s More To Life Than Goals

>Saunders Hits The Big Time!

>The Independent’s interview with Dean Saunders doesn’t necessarily come up with much that is new, although it’s still a good read, but getting national coverage just makes you realise what an advantage it is being a Welsh club! Being one of the big clubs in a country means we have a much higher profile than clubs like, say, Oldham, who are clearly superior to us but haven’t got that unique selling point. Why should we care? Well put it this way; the fourth highest international goalscorer in our country’s history decided to come to us to start his managerial career. … Continue reading >Saunders Hits The Big Time!