Tread Softly John, Because You Tread On My Dreams

If Wrexham fans, or supporters of any side at the middle chunk of the pyramid, think the ESL has nothing directly to do with them, they’re completely wrong. It’s a project devoted to robbing us of the ability to dream. I’m very happy to be a Wrexham fan at the moment. As the European “Super” League furore rages, it’s nice to feel smug about the … Continue reading Tread Softly John, Because You Tread On My Dreams

Enough Is Enough

I didn’t enjoy last Saturday’s match, but the team’s performance wasn’t the reason. We weren’t great, but neither were we as awful as the reaction of the fans, both in the ground and on social media, would suggest. Apart from a first half period either side of a goalmouth scramble where Sutton claimed the ball had crossed the line, we were the better side, although … Continue reading Enough Is Enough

Schalke 04: A Wrexham Fan’s Natural “Other Club”?

On the BBC’s iconic World Football Phone-in, the experts are often asked by British fans whether there’s an equivalent to their favourite team that they should root for in another country. Newcastle fans are given a list of big clubs that put a fervent fanbase through hell; Manchester City fans tend to be sent in the direction of Paris St. Germain; Shrewsbury fans get directed … Continue reading Schalke 04: A Wrexham Fan’s Natural “Other Club”?

What’s in a name?

Here’s my column from last week’s Leader. It forms part of the paper’s comprehensive pre-match coverage every Friday, featuring interviews, an in-depth look at the opposition and lots of statistical analysis. All content in the column (c) What’s in a name? Only two players named Wes have appeared for Wrexham in our one hundred and fifty year history – Baynes and York –  and … Continue reading What’s in a name?

Financial Unfair Play’s Why Fleetwood Leave Us Cold

So why do we all resent Fleetwood so much? Because, let’s be honest: we really really do! Want proof? Have a look at Red Passion, where the forums are full of annoyance at the Cod Squad (Army seems too large a unit by far!); the always entertaining Friday column by Andy Gilpin also articulated the depth of feeling amongst supporters; and if we’re to judge … Continue reading Financial Unfair Play’s Why Fleetwood Leave Us Cold

A High Stakes Game

Three directors’ statements in a week, and it’s not even Friday yet! Something big must be happening! Hopefully it’s the final writhing not only of a regime, but of a redundant model of financial management at Wrexham FC. Yes, the stakes are that high. The optimistic part of my brain hopes the trio of missives are a desperate attempt by the board to squeeze one … Continue reading A High Stakes Game

Dietmar, Griff and Silent Chris

Ah, the joys of the post-match ritual! Hurriedly stuffing my commentary equipment into my bags and rushing down to the press room/reception/once and future club shop to try to get there before the manager turns up! Trying, and usually failing, to avoid the results on the TV in the corner as I like to be surprised by Match of the Day. Lurking in the corridor … Continue reading Dietmar, Griff and Silent Chris

Why We Need To Hang On To Gareth Taylor

He may have only made one brief substitute appearance for us this season, but if Wrexham can hang onto Gareth Taylor, they should. He might just be able to make the difference this season. Obviously no one could begrudge him his opportunity at Manchester City; naturally I wish him all the best. I hope he and Dean Saunders can thrash out a deal whihc allows … Continue reading Why We Need To Hang On To Gareth Taylor

>Happy Ending for Neil Roberts, But Not Us

> It seems Neil Roberts has called time on his playing career to take up an opportunity at Manchester City. It’s a brilliant opportunity for him, and naturally I wish him well. He’s a fine man and will suit a role which appears to require decency and common sense as he’s well-endowed with both qualities. His decision casts the ludicrous decision of Brian Little to … Continue reading >Happy Ending for Neil Roberts, But Not Us

>Get Scouting!

> We won’t be seeing Carlos Tevez or Emanuel Adebayor, or even John Terry at The Racecourse this afternoon, but it’ll still be fascinating to look at City’s team. They might all be young lads, but Dean Saunders clearly has contacts at Eastlands as he regularly plunders their reserves for signings-four so far! So watch carefully-a couple of our players for the coming season might … Continue reading >Get Scouting!

>Fair Play to Fairhurst

> All credit to Nathan Fairhurst-he’s shown an attitude you don’t seem to find too often in the modern game. We tend to see players putting their short term advancement first these days-hell, Cristiano Ronaldo couldn’t cope with losing thirty minutes of me-time against Manchester City last Sunday, could he? So to see Nathan Fairhurst reject a contract with Preston in order to get first … Continue reading >Fair Play to Fairhurst