Enough Is Enough

I didn’t enjoy last Saturday’s match, but the team’s performance wasn’t the reason. We weren’t great, but neither were we as awful as the reaction of the fans, both in the ground and on social media, would suggest. Apart from a first half period either side of a goalmouth scramble where Sutton claimed the ball had crossed the line, we were the better side, although … Continue reading Enough Is Enough

¡Si Señor, Firmino’s Song Was Wrexham’s Long Before!

Si Señor, give the ball to Bobby he will score! It’s one of the best chants of the season, Liverpool’s tribute to Roberto Firmino, and has become one of the most evocative anthems of their superb season. But did Wrexham come up with it first? Well, maybe not, but that photo of The Kop from the 1985 World Cup qualifier between Wales and Spain at … Continue reading ¡Si Señor, Firmino’s Song Was Wrexham’s Long Before!

Has Hughes Solved Wrexham’s Attacking Puzzle?

Wrexham got back to winning ways last Saturday, which was absolutely essential if we are to build some momentum as we challenge for promotion. However, it was how we went about our business which, ultimately, might prove to be as important as the result. I’m in danger of coming down with a Repetitive Strain Injury from typing the phrase “we need to address our lack … Continue reading Has Hughes Solved Wrexham’s Attacking Puzzle?

Shankly Knows Best For Maguire-Drew

Last Saturday was the first time this season that Jordan Maguire-Drew wasn’t in the matchday squad. There might be nothing more to see here than a continuation of our regular rotation of forward players. However, it’s tempting to view the decision, at least to some degree, as an attempt to try something different in order to get Maguire-Drew back to the exciting form he showed … Continue reading Shankly Knows Best For Maguire-Drew

Is Brad Walker the new Danny Williams?

Is Brad Walker the new Danny Williams? The similarities between the on-loan Crewe player and Williams, a Wrexham stalwart of the first decade of the century, are obvious. Big, strong and able to either play as a centre back or in front of the defence, both players have the attributes necessary to help a side battle its way through a season in the lower divisions. … Continue reading Is Brad Walker the new Danny Williams?

Conservative Accounting Is Costing Us Dear

At Christmas last year we were handily placed. A terrible Christmas period yes, but the playoffs were in reach. The squad needed freshening, rejuvenating or shooting, take your pick. What is indisputable is that Mills needed funds. Did we have the funds to give him? Well that is an interesting question. Mills did an amazing job in turning our form round. Simon Heslop was an … Continue reading Conservative Accounting Is Costing Us Dear

Wrexham AFC Must Spend Liverpool FC’s Danny Ward Windfall Carefully

Here’s my column from last week’s Leader. It forms part of the paper’s comprehensive pre-match coverage every Friday, featuring interviews, an in-depth look at the opposition and lots of statistical analysis. All content in the column (c) http://www.leaderlive.co.uk. It’s natural to get excited over new signings, and the Danny Ward windfall has got fans pondering the potential for a Summer splurge by Gary Mills, but … Continue reading Wrexham AFC Must Spend Liverpool FC’s Danny Ward Windfall Carefully

Keeping Cool in Commentary

I have to admit that I had to work hard to keep my emotions in check while commentating on last Saturday’s match at Southport. It wasn’t the defeat which pushed me close to the edge: heck, if losing pressed my buttons I’d have cracked twenty years ago! It was the contentious decisions of the referee which irked me, but I like to think that I … Continue reading Keeping Cool in Commentary

How A Month of Progress Allowed Wrexham To Beat Torquay

The semi-final victory over Torquay might feel like the key point in our season, but if you really want to see where things turned round, have a look at the goalless draw we played out with The Gulls a month ago. Since that match, everything has changed for the better. That was a moribund match. We played with a stodgy midfield diamond which made us … Continue reading How A Month of Progress Allowed Wrexham To Beat Torquay

Are Diamonds Forever?

The January reshaping has been done, interesting new faces have been introduced, and now we see what Kevin Wilkin can achieve with them. January felt like a transitional month to me. We settled into a diamond formation which, I suspect, is not how Wilkin will want to proceed once the new men are bedded in.  Admittedly we have a lot of central midfielders to choose … Continue reading Are Diamonds Forever?

The Forgotten Miracle

With the Stoke game upon us it’s natural to look back at great giant-killings in our long history, and we’ve seen plenty of coverage of our 1992 victory over Arsenal as a consequence. A remarkable FA Cup third round victory from ten years earlier seems to have been neglected though. Have we really forgotten the day we beat Brian Clough’s greatest side on their own … Continue reading The Forgotten Miracle