Financial Unfair Play’s Why Fleetwood Leave Us Cold

So why do we all resent Fleetwood so much? Because, let’s be honest: we really really do! Want proof? Have a look at Red Passion, where the forums are full of annoyance at the Cod Squad (Army seems too large a unit by far!); the always entertaining Friday column by Andy Gilpin also articulated the depth of feeling amongst supporters; and if we’re to judge … Continue reading Financial Unfair Play’s Why Fleetwood Leave Us Cold

>Is O’Leary The Answer?

> If the three new men are undergoing an “Apprentice” style five week job interview, the results so far are fairly straightforward. Danny Mitchley showed genuine promise at Mansfield, but aprt from that hasn’t really suggested he’ll convince Dean Saunders to sign him rather than look to splash the cash on a more established player in the Summer. Aaron Brown is what his pedigree suggested … Continue reading >Is O’Leary The Answer?