Seize The Moment

How are you feeling? Excited? Nervous? Try not to worry too much: Saturday’s game is an exciting hit to nothing. It’s a chance to start the revolution early. It’ll be tough. Dagenham and Redbridge are in magnificent form, and if the season lasted another couple of weeks I suspect they’d capitalise on their fine form by getting into the play-offs. While last weekend’s results mean … Continue reading Seize The Moment

3-5-2 Starts To Add Up

Last Saturday was an interesting glimpse into the evolution of the 3-5-2 Dean Keates has reverted to. There were some interesting alterations, some forced to an extent by injury, which made the new formation look more fluent than it had done previously. The combination of Adi Yussuf and Jordan Ponticelli up front was a revelation. This was the first time they started together in the … Continue reading 3-5-2 Starts To Add Up

Famine or Feast: Why Nine Acre Is Crucial This Season

It’s been a season of famine or feast so far, as an uneven schedule is reflected in our form. Our form has varied dramatically: a 5-match unbeaten run which earned Dean Keates the manager of the month award has been book-ended by uncomfortable spells without a win. The unpredictable nature of our fixture list presents massive challenges to coaches and players alike, with periods where … Continue reading Famine or Feast: Why Nine Acre Is Crucial This Season

Italian for Beginners

Isn’t Italian a lyrical language? Signing Jordan Ponticelli was an invitation to delve into linguistics which I couldn’t resist. It seemed pretty obvious that his name means little bridges, but that’s not all. Ponticelli is also the Italian word for jump leads! How brilliant, to come up with such an evocative word for a mundane object. They make little bridges between cars; why didn’t we … Continue reading Italian for Beginners