Things Are Looking Up For The Reds

January, a new start for Wrexham as they aimed to change their poor season which began a whole six months ago. A disappointing mid-table position with some saying relegation was a possibility which, though I couldn’t see it myself, looked like a plausible opinion. But surely not? Surely the Wrexham that won the FA Trophy and were in the Play-Off final no longer than 10 … Continue reading Things Are Looking Up For The Reds

Leader Column: Carrington Justifies Morrell’s Transfer Tactics

Here’s my column from last week’s Leader. It forms part of the paper’s comprehensive pre-match coverage every Friday, featuring interviews, an in-depth look at the opposition and lots of statistical analysis. All content in the column (c) As we ponder the strength of our midfield, the injuries suffered by our defenders and the struggle to find the right blend up front, it’s easy to … Continue reading Leader Column: Carrington Justifies Morrell’s Transfer Tactics

The Strikers Dilemma

One thing Wrexham have been lacking this season is an out and out goalscorer. As it stands, Andy Bishop and Rob Ogleby are the leading scorers with seven goals each. However, four of Bishop’s goals came in two games against Gateshead and five of Ogleby’s came against Hyde. The problem is Wrexham don’t play Gateshead and Hyde every week. Adrian Cieslewicz has obviously been sold … Continue reading The Strikers Dilemma

Macclesfield Town 3 Wrexham 2

A failure to defend long straight balls over the top, a massively poor, decisively influential referee and a performance which was encouraging but unrewarded. Just another day at the office for Wrexham this season. It’s tricky to know how to feel about this match. Having seen a couple of Macclesfield’s recent games, I figured beforehand that this would be a terrific test, and having conceded … Continue reading Macclesfield Town 3 Wrexham 2

Wrexham 1 Southport 0

I haven’t done a tactical report on a Wrexham game this season, but this seems like an appropriate point to start. While some fine individual performances clearly played a major role in how the Southport game panned out, the big decisions made on the bench were massively influential. Andy Morrell and his coaching staff have suffered unfounded allegations of tactical naiveté lately, but they made … Continue reading Wrexham 1 Southport 0