>Reed it and Weep

>As Dean Saunders prepares to tell players if they’re staying or going, he must desperately be hoping he’s making the right calls. There have been plenty of poor decisions made with respect to the players allowed to leave Wrexham in recent years, some of which are obvious and high profile. A less celebrated departure could well turn out to be the most costliest mistake of … Continue reading >Reed it and Weep


>Watching Sgorio’s Welsh Cup highlights this weekend was quite a ride, with ex-Wrexham players certainly claiming centre stage! The main game-and what a game!-was the Neath-Llanelli derby. For Neath, Anthony Williams was between the sticks and was rather static for the opening goal, while Llewellyn missed a penalty and picked up a yellow for a rather vindictive, needless hack. No surprises so far! To be … Continue reading >WELSH CUP MAYHEM!!! MAYHEM!!!! MAYHEM!!!!!