You Know What Jason Oswell Needs? The Welsh Premier Cup

Here’s a radical thought: could a striker, brought in expressly to address a lack of goals in a team, be considered a success despite failing to find the net in his first 315 minutes on the pitch for his new club? I’d argue that after a slow start, Jason Oswell is starting to look like he has something useful to contribute, despite his lack of … Continue reading You Know What Jason Oswell Needs? The Welsh Premier Cup

Chester 0 Wrexham 0

I’m willing to concede I’m a bit odd. Peculiar snippets of dialogue from TV shows stick in my head and become a memorable catch-phrase…but sadly only for me. That means I’ll often blurt quotes out and then spend half an hour explaining why they’re clever/memorable/relevant. So, here goes: there’s an obscure bit in a Simpsons episode which was made well past the point when the … Continue reading Chester 0 Wrexham 0

Wrexham 6 St Mirren XI 1

A battle-hardened Wrexham line-up beat St Mirren’s Under-19s: a valuable run out or child cruelty? The answer’s probably seventy per cent Option A, 30 per cent Option B. It brings to mind the episode of “The SImpsons” where Frank Grimes, exasperated by the blind eye everyone affords Homer, determines to humiliate him. He enters him in a competition to design a nuclear power plant without … Continue reading Wrexham 6 St Mirren XI 1

Not a Bear In Sight – Policing Wrexham Games

As the news filtered around the internet, it seemed almost like someone was having a joke. Wrexham’s away match at Dartford was to be moved from 3pm on a Saturday to 7.45pm on a Friday night on “police advice”. The decision was baffling. Over 200 miles separate the two clubs and their first ever match-up; a 2 – 2 draw at the Racecourse; had played … Continue reading Not a Bear In Sight – Policing Wrexham Games