Italian for Beginners

Isn’t Italian a lyrical language? Signing Jordan Ponticelli was an invitation to delve into linguistics which I couldn’t resist. It seemed pretty obvious that his name means little bridges, but that’s not all. Ponticelli is also the Italian word for jump leads! How brilliant, to come up with such an evocative word for a mundane object. They make little bridges between cars; why didn’t we … Continue reading Italian for Beginners

#WxmAnorak | Harrogate Town 0 Wrexham AFC 2

Wrexham’s first win at Harrogate. Wrexham remain unbeaten at Harrogate – P3 W1 D2 L0 Wrexham have never conceded a goal at Harrogate. James Jennings’ goal was the first goal Harrogate have conceded in 2020. Previously they’d kept 5 clean sheets in a row. First points Harrogate have dropped in 2020 – previously they had won their last 6 games. Wrexham have won 6 of … Continue reading #WxmAnorak | Harrogate Town 0 Wrexham AFC 2

PREVIEW | Harrogate Town v Wrexham AFC

Harrogate’s artificial turf hasn’t offered them any particular advantage against us. We’ve visited them twice, both last season, and played out a goalless draw on each occasion. Harrogate’s game at The Racecourse last October – the first game of Dean Keates’ second spell as manager, saw them snatch a draw thanks to an 81st minute equalizer. We lost our first match against Harrogate when Keates … Continue reading PREVIEW | Harrogate Town v Wrexham AFC

5 Questions Before Wrexham AFC v St Mirren Colts

Can Keates use this match to help us in the league? Could Dean Keates use this match to have a proper look at his squad? Players like Devonte Redmond, Michael Chambers and Leighton McIntosh might get a chance to impress him today. He did a terrific job of getting rid of dead wood last time around, and won’t be shy to do so again: players … Continue reading 5 Questions Before Wrexham AFC v St Mirren Colts

Soft Signals and Hard Lessons

The manager might change (or come back) but the refereeing remains constant. We had another bizarre performance from an official on Tuesday and the late equaliser we conceded came from a very poor decision. Managers often twist the truth post-match to suit their interpretation of events, but Dean Keates’ explanation of the throw-in decision is the only possible one which is supported by the facts. … Continue reading Soft Signals and Hard Lessons

#WxmAnorak | Wrexham AFC 2 Harrogate Town 1

Wrexham achieved their most home wins in a season since 1970, one short of the club record. Wrexham equaled their 3rd highest ever points total if points totals are adjusted to 3 pts for a win. Wrexham achieved their highest points total since 2012. Matty Sargent made his league debut. Jack Thorn made his professional debut. Christian Dibble has saved 3 penalties out of 4 … Continue reading #WxmAnorak | Wrexham AFC 2 Harrogate Town 1