Getting To Grips With Newport

We’re all feeling tense, and with good reason. Sunday is a massive game in Wrexham’s history, and a massive game in the context of our immediate future. That’s not the main reason why I’m developing sweaty palms though. Newport are good. That’s what worries me. It’s not just their ability which worries me; it’s their spirit. A few weeks ago I had a look at … Continue reading Getting To Grips With Newport

Wrexham Should Take Hope from the Year of the Extraordinary

I’ve had enough time to get over the frustration of Tuesday night: I think I hid my devastation about as well as Andy Morrell did! Things might not look too positive right now, but don’t give up hope. After all, in the Conference this has been The Year of the Extraordinary! If you think about it, this season has defied logic, like the Magic Road … Continue reading Wrexham Should Take Hope from the Year of the Extraordinary

Shake, rattle and goal….

Have you seen it yet? The first teaser from Mark Creighton’s ‘Beast Cam’ chronicles – where the almost fit again  defender capturing all the build up and post-match chaos around the trip to Wembley – is now available for public consumption. Whether they are ready for it, however, is another thing. Doing their own version of the worldwide phenomenon that is the ‘Harlem Shake’ Andy … Continue reading Shake, rattle and goal….

The Wembley Effect

It cannot be underestimated the effect last Sunday’s monumental FA Trophy victory had on Wrexham-ites and the wider public. How the warm afterglow everyone was basking in failed to melt the debilitating snowdrifts across Gogledd Cymru is a mystery. Much has already been made of the lengths Wrexham fans will go to in order to preserve and protect their local institution. The stories of die-hards … Continue reading The Wembley Effect

Wrexham v Grimsby Town Tactical Report

Even the most one-sided match can contain a moment when the lesser side can snatch the initiative. This was a memorable victory, but one in which either Grimsby’s joint coaches or their team got things badly wrong just when it mattered most. While there can be no question that Wrexham were deserving winners, if The Mariners had held their nerve in the last twenty minutes … Continue reading Wrexham v Grimsby Town Tactical Report

Wrexham 1 Grimsby Town 1 (4-1 on penalties)

Thought I’d better get cracking and write something about this one! No two ways about it: this was an excellent performance and a wonderful day. From the determination of the fans digging themselves out of the snow and getting themselves to Wembley, to the character of the players, there was a lot to make you proud to support Wrexham. And Richard Brodie missed a penalty … Continue reading Wrexham 1 Grimsby Town 1 (4-1 on penalties)

We Earned Our Wembley Trip

Here’s my column from last week’s Leader. It forms part of the paper’s comprehensive pre-match coverage every Friday, featuring interviews, an in-depth look at the opposition and lots of statistical analysis. All content in the column (c) We’re going to Wembley and we deserve it. It’s impossible to avoid the symbolism. Our first trip to the game’s greatest venue will be as a fan-owned … Continue reading We Earned Our Wembley Trip

Which Grimsby Will Turn Up Tomorrow?

A strange thing, form. It can evaporate in the blink of an eye. Generally it’s a much slower process to return to where you were, but extreme circumstances can do strange things, and few circumstances are quite as extreme as a non-league side playing at Wembley. Don’t be fooled by their four consecutive defeats: The Mariners are more than capable of hitting the ground running … Continue reading Which Grimsby Will Turn Up Tomorrow?