Balance Sheet: Wrexham v Woking

Positives: The big flag on the ERS. Another fast start: this doesn’t appear to be a coincidence, but rather something which the pre-match warm-up and kick off routine appear to be designed to set up. Louis Moult continues to look like a good all-round striker. Elliot Durrell’s lively first half. Despite from the winning goal, Ross White did well. Negatives: The second half. The second goal. … Continue reading Balance Sheet: Wrexham v Woking

Wrexham 1 Woking 2

A game in which too many small factors turned against Wrexham; you can cope with that sometimes, but Woking were too well drilled not to capitalise on their marginal gains. The flow of events against Wrexham went from a borderline disallowed equaliser (above), which was beyond their control, to a badly-mistimed Andy Bishop header in injury time which certainly wasn’t. Then there was a big … Continue reading Wrexham 1 Woking 2

Woking Tactical Report

Tactically this was a fascinating game, played out partly on the chalkboard before the match as Woking looked to turn their scouting information into a practical gameplan. In theory their thinking was sound, but they were denied by the quality of their opposition. Wrexham did certain things very well, specifically those which were necessary to counteract Woking’s approach and impose themselves on the match. Woking’s … Continue reading Woking Tactical Report