How Wrexham Took Over The World

So what was the highlight of 2013? I know the answer’s obvious so I feel terribly disloyal in admitting this: for me it was run close by the day we were robbed! CheeseGate took the club on a journey which ended with us making a bit of cash and beating some of the biggest clubs in England! It was a remarkable moment at Kidderminster which … Continue reading How Wrexham Took Over The World

>The Hidden Cost of Setanta’s Demise

> It occurred to me a couple of times during commentary today that I’ve lost all interest in the Football League. As we’ve become increasingly mired in non-league football, I’ve focussed totally on who we’ll be up against rather than what’s going on above us. So I watched BBC’s new Football League highlight show with interest; maybe I could start to reconnect with where we … Continue reading >The Hidden Cost of Setanta’s Demise

>Thanks for Nothing Football League!

>Typical! Accrington Stanley play ineligible players and get away with it scot-free! You’ve heard the Groucho Marx joke that he wouldn’t join a club that would have him as a member? Well I’d be wary of joining a club that has Brian Mawhinney as a leader! Have a look at Accrington’s website-it has a rambling explanation of their cheating, and lets slip that they wanted … Continue reading >Thanks for Nothing Football League!

>Thanks Mister Blair

>I can’t believe that, through an airy word in Prime Minister’s Question Time, AFC Wimbledon’s punishment for fielding an ineligible player for a good chunk of the season has been reduced to almost nothing. More pressingly, I don’t like the possible ramifications on the Accrington case. Blair said the rules should be reviewed as the punishment seemed harsh. Why the hell didn’t he say that … Continue reading >Thanks Mister Blair