Back to 1992

Welcome to a new beginning, although oddly enough it’s strangely reminiscent of 1992! The parallels between that campaign and the current one are both interesting and encouraging. That year was the launch pad for Brian Flynn’s long spell of success in the Racecourse hot seat, so going back to that future is something to embrace. The 1992-3 season saw us emerge from the grim darkness … Continue reading Back to 1992

The men who stare at goats

When you watch Andy Bishop, do you see a league quality player, with a wholehearted approach, deft touch and the ability to finish? When Johnny Hunt played did you see an energetic, consistent footballer with great positional sense? When Brett Ormerod graced the Racecourse, did you sense a clever mind, utterly dedicated to the team ethic, playing for the love of the game? Or were … Continue reading The men who stare at goats

Into The Unknown

Wrexham go into the second leg of the play-offs faced with a quite simple task: to get to Wembley for the first time, they’ll have to do something they’ve never done before. They’ve never overturned a two goal deficit in the second leg of a two-legged tie. Not that there are many examples of them facing that situation; it has only happened twice, bizarrely both … Continue reading Into The Unknown

The Inevitable Ward-Messi Comparison

Last weekend we saw Leo Messi score a cheeky winner for Barcelona at Atletico Madrid, craftily getting the go-ahead from the ref and curling the ball sublimely into the far side of the net as the keeper, Thibaut Courtois, stood on his near post, organising his wall. It was a goal which closed the circle of my weekend’s experiences, as before the Stockport match I’d … Continue reading The Inevitable Ward-Messi Comparison