The Only Way is Sussex

  It’s a long time since I’ve so excited about a game as far in advance as this! In fact, to be honest, I’ve felt excited about the Brighton match from the moment the game came out of the bag! (If I’d been this guy, maybe I’d have even been excited before the draw was made!) Of course, part of my excitement is because I’m eager to see the best Wrexham side for the almost a decade test itself against a genuinely strong team. If nothing else, we’ve a defence which has looked capable of withstanding terrific pressure all season; … Continue reading The Only Way is Sussex

There’s More To Life Than Goals

In terms of usefulness the striker who doesn’t score many goals might seem to be right up there with the old chocolate fireplace. However, while many barren forwards are indeed pointless, it is possible for such a player to make a major contribution to his team. It’s in the latter category that Danny Wright fits. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that, over the last few games, Wright has been as important a player for us as any other. That’s despite the fact that he’s certainly short of goals-four in half a season isn’t a great strike … Continue reading There’s More To Life Than Goals

Fowler, Little and the Creative Spark

Yesterday’s match gave me that weird, rare feeling that I was right about something! It illustrated perfectly the concern I’ve had about our creativity in midfield and what we can do to address the issue. I wrote at length about this issue last Saturday in wrexhamfan’s tactical review of the Braintree game, that we were confrnted with a problem when Lee Fowler isn’t present in midfield, having blogged on that theme on the train down to Essex. In fact, considering the fact that Andy Morrell has only been able to select Fowler in his starting line-up three times, his side … Continue reading Fowler, Little and the Creative Spark