3-5-2 Starts To Add Up

Last Saturday was an interesting glimpse into the evolution of the 3-5-2 Dean Keates has reverted to. There were some interesting alterations, some forced to an extent by injury, which made the new formation look more fluent than it had done previously. The combination of Adi Yussuf and Jordan Ponticelli up front was a revelation. This was the first time they started together in the … Continue reading 3-5-2 Starts To Add Up

Davies and Jarvis Benefit from the Power of Three

Last Saturday wasn’t great. Losing to a lower division team on penalties with a heavily-rotated team isn’t all that of a shock: it’s not as if the FA Trophy was ever a priority, after all. However, we have enough squad depth to be able to make 9 changes from the previous game and still come through. Still, there were things to learn from the game. … Continue reading Davies and Jarvis Benefit from the Power of Three

Italian for Beginners

Isn’t Italian a lyrical language? Signing Jordan Ponticelli was an invitation to delve into linguistics which I couldn’t resist. It seemed pretty obvious that his name means little bridges, but that’s not all. Ponticelli is also the Italian word for jump leads! How brilliant, to come up with such an evocative word for a mundane object. They make little bridges between cars; why didn’t we … Continue reading Italian for Beginners

Jay, eh?

It’s felt on the cards since Dean Keates returned and Macclesfield’s sad collapse worsened. The reunion of Jay Harris and Dean Keates, the fierce heart of Wrexham’s best side since we were demoted from League One, has finally happened. As morale-boosting transfers go, this is about as good as it gets without crossing over into the crazy transfer speculation certain corners of the internet specialise … Continue reading Jay, eh?

#WxmAnorak | Harrogate Town 0 Wrexham AFC 2

Wrexham’s first win at Harrogate. Wrexham remain unbeaten at Harrogate – P3 W1 D2 L0 Wrexham have never conceded a goal at Harrogate. James Jennings’ goal was the first goal Harrogate have conceded in 2020. Previously they’d kept 5 clean sheets in a row. First points Harrogate have dropped in 2020 – previously they had won their last 6 games. Wrexham have won 6 of … Continue reading #WxmAnorak | Harrogate Town 0 Wrexham AFC 2

Luke Summerfield and the Pursuit of Perfection

If Luke Summerfield had headed in a late fourth for Wrexham last Saturday he’d have capped a perfect day with a perfect hat trick. (I’m sure a perfect hat trick hasn’t been a thing until recently, but it’s been an answer on “Pointless” now, so it’s official!) Whatever part of his anatomy would have stuck in his theoretical third doesn’t matter though: the thing is, … Continue reading Luke Summerfield and the Pursuit of Perfection

#WxmAnorak | Wrexham AFC 3 Woking 0

Wrexham equal their best win against WOking (9/11/14 3-0 FA Cup 2nd round) Last time Wrexham won by three goals: 12/10/19 St Mirren Colts (h) 4-1 Last time Wrexham won a league game by three goals: 26/12/18 Salford (h) 5-1 Luke Summerfield scored 2 goals in a game for the first time in his 470-game career. Luke Summerfield’s first goal since 11/11/18 Weston Super Mare … Continue reading #WxmAnorak | Wrexham AFC 3 Woking 0