Adventures in National League Commentary

I’d like to open with a promise. I will genuinely do my best to make no mention in this column of Chester conceding eight goals last Saturday. I have to admit that I’m not confident I’ll manage it. We return to Eastleigh today, the scene of one of my most enjoyable commentating experiences. It came on the last day of the 2016-17 season, a grim … Continue reading Adventures in National League Commentary

The Contract, Still Intact

“The grabbing hands, grab all they can, all for themselves, after all it’s a competitive world” -Depeche Mode Contract Law has not been a friend of Wrexham FC in recent years, and I’m quaking in my boots after several previous significant setbacks.  I’m not made happier by news such as ‘Keates shakes hands on new deal’ or ‘player asks for more time to consider his options’. … Continue reading The Contract, Still Intact

Misdirected Anger Doesn’t Help Wrexham

Plenty of Wrexham fans are angry at the moment. I understand that, but their anger is being directed at the wrong target. Andy Morrell is the subject of most people’s ire. As I’ve previously suggested, I feel that making him the scapegoat is unfair, not to mention incredibly short sighted. It wasn’t so long ago that he was the best thing since sliced bread, and … Continue reading Misdirected Anger Doesn’t Help Wrexham

>The Dark Arts at Crawley

> Steve Evans completes a three-match ban today from even being in the ground while Crawley play! He still has a further ten game touchline ban to come. Couldn’t happen to a more deserving fellow! No doubt it won’t affect Crawley too much. After all, it has seemed of late that he’s passed the abuse baton to his assistant Paul Raynor, who now patrols the … Continue reading >The Dark Arts at Crawley