Bishop’s Move Vindicates Morrell

Reeling Andy Bishop in was a big coup for Andy Morrell, and his arrival opens up some interesting tactical options. First and foremost, signing Bishop is a vindication of Morrell’s approach to the transfer window. His decision not to be rushed into moves, preferring to sign a player because he’ll improve the squad rather than rush into it simply because people are getting twitchy, was … Continue reading Bishop’s Move Vindicates Morrell

No Replays Thank You!

>The World and its wife wants france to replay their game with Ireland-even Thierry Henry (clearly under advice from his PR team!) agrees! Well, before jumping on the bandwagon, look at this: That was from earlier in this campaign, when the Irish were losing with twenty minutes left to Georgia, but were given a lifeline by that imaginary penalty and went on to win 2-1. … Continue reading No Replays Thank You!