The Wrexham Keeper Conundrum

Looking ahead to the new 2014/2015 season, the players have returned to pre-season, new additions get to know their team mates whilst pre-season gives the chance for the new (well relatively new) manager and assistant to get a clear first eleven for our first game of the season, away to Dartford. But the first position to determine is undeniably the toughest: who will be the … Continue reading The Wrexham Keeper Conundrum

Wrexham Should Take Hope from the Year of the Extraordinary

I’ve had enough time to get over the frustration of Tuesday night: I think I hid my devastation about as well as Andy Morrell did! Things might not look too positive right now, but don’t give up hope. After all, in the Conference this has been The Year of the Extraordinary! If you think about it, this season has defied logic, like the Magic Road … Continue reading Wrexham Should Take Hope from the Year of the Extraordinary

Second Place Is Nowhere

Gorgeous, ain’t it? Trophies are great aren’t they? Symbols of glory, the spoils of conquest, unequivocally a source of pride. Well, not necessarily. A couple of weeks ago I made my acquaintance with the most pointless trophy in football. I’d actually seen it sitting about many times this season, hardly in a place of honour, bunged on a shelf at The Racecourse with a variety … Continue reading Second Place Is Nowhere

The Waiting Game

The agonising wait continues; who knew a rubber stamp could be so difficult to operate? There’s frustration on Red Passion and it’s building into fury. The target this time is the F.A., and I totally understand it. After all, other takeovers seem to be waved through with gay abandon, the number of basket case clubs testimony to the fact that the Fit and Proper Person … Continue reading The Waiting Game

>Where Will The Backlog End?

>The backlog of fixtures could cost us dear. We don’t even know whether it stops here-if there’s a bad winter we might have a number of other games to slot into the midweeks this season, and then there are international call-ups to consider; if the postponement of the Histon game is anything to go by we’ll get plenty of help from the Welsh F.A. to … Continue reading >Where Will The Backlog End?

>Our Youngest Ever Skipper?

> As bold statements of intent, naming a nineteen-year-old as captain is certainly up there! All new managers want to shake things up and organise things their way, but picking Neil Taylor to wear the armband is a bold stroke. I like it, but it begs certain questions. Firstly the positives. Taylor’s a great lad, a very articulate young man and a fine prospect. It … Continue reading >Our Youngest Ever Skipper?

>Don’t be Mean to Dean!

> I felt a little guilty after writing today’s Evening Leader column; I’d questioned the process which led to the appointment of Dean Saunders before he’d even taken charge of a game! I guess my attitude was part of the cynicism which has become inured in Wrexham fans over the last couple of years. We’re used to failure, conditioned to expect new initiatives to crash … Continue reading >Don’t be Mean to Dean!

>We Might Go Up A Place!!

>I know it’s a touch desperate, but we might go up a place in the Conference without kicking a ball! The season starts here! Alright, I’ll drop the sarcasm, but there could be real upheaval in the table if Mansfield are docked points for fielding an ineligible player in Aaron O’Connor. They gained eight points in the games he played before the matter was addressed, … Continue reading >We Might Go Up A Place!!