Who’s Your Wrexham AFC Player of the Year?

There have been seasons when the player of the season picks himself. Think of last season, when Luke Young was clearly head and shoulders above everyone else in a grim campaign.  This season is the exact opposite. It’s a reflection of the contrast with last season that there is a remarkably wide field of contenders for the trophy. In fact, of the 29 players we’ve … Continue reading Who’s Your Wrexham AFC Player of the Year?

Christian Dibble’s Hollywood Moment

A small detail stood out for me amidst all the headline grabbing content in the Zoom call Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney held with the WST members. Reynolds mentioned the need for context in sport; the importance of knowing the story behind a team or a player to fully appreciate the significance of their performance. This resonates massively with me, as I’ve always seen sport … Continue reading Christian Dibble’s Hollywood Moment

The Back Three: Dean’s Flexible Friend

It might only be a temporary fix, but Dean Keates has squeezed some crucial points out of our recent fixtures with a change of formation. Playing three at the back has allowed Keates a level of flexibility when it comes to his attacking approach, and the ten goals we’ve scored in the six games we’ve played with that system suggested we were profiting from that … Continue reading The Back Three: Dean’s Flexible Friend

Scary Christmas (War’s Not Over)

It was a scary Christmas for Wrexham fans, so let’s hope we’ve got a Happy New Year coming up as compensation. January is already looking like a make-or-break point as we look to correct the issues which leave deep in trouble. One of the major problems which we face is our awful away form. We have the worst away form in the whole division and … Continue reading Scary Christmas (War’s Not Over)

The 2 Games That Sealed Bryan Hughes’ Fate

I wasn’t looking forward to next Saturday. If the atmosphere was ugly a fortnight ago, what would it have been like against Ebbsfleet, having lost twice against sides that leap-frogged us to get out of the bottom four, leaving us in the relegation mire in the process? Both defeats were galling too: at Aldershot we missed chances and conceded in the 94th minute, having collapsed … Continue reading The 2 Games That Sealed Bryan Hughes’ Fate

Keep The Christian Faith

In a frustrating start to the season, where we’ve dropped late points in both our away games, there is at least the consolation that, even without last season’s player of the season, we haven’t fallen to pieces. I know we had to wait until last Tuesday to keep our first clean sheet of the season, and Rob Lainton won last season’s award for his calm … Continue reading Keep The Christian Faith

Wrexham’s Game at Borehamwood Illustrates How Weird Football Is

Just a quick word of warning before I begin. What I’m about to write could easily sound like an argument against data analysis in football, but it’s nothing of the sort. Intelligent, through analysis can only help in the preparation of any team, and I look forward to the day when the football dinosaur is extinct: I’m sure I’ve already mentioned Gary Mills’ reluctance (or … Continue reading Wrexham’s Game at Borehamwood Illustrates How Weird Football Is

Preview | Borehamwood v Wrexham AFC

Wrexham will be looking to defend a remarkable record at Borehamwood tonight. Our record against them stands in stark contrast to how we’ve done against next Saturday’s opponents, Dover. In eight clashes we’ve won seven, the only time we’ve failed to beat them being when we lost to a highly dubious penalty at The Racecourse two seasons ago. Last season we enjoyed our best season … Continue reading Preview | Borehamwood v Wrexham AFC

The Wrexham AFC Bring Your Son To Work XI

With the signing of Devonte Redmond, Paul Edwards’ son, today, I thought it might be interesting to compile an XI of Wrexham players whose fathers also represented the club. It wasn’t easy – Redmond is joining a very select band – and frankly this side wouldn’t function very well if it could somehow be put on the pitch: Wrexham players don’t seem to pass attacking … Continue reading The Wrexham AFC Bring Your Son To Work XI

#WxmAnorak | Wrexham AFC 2 Harrogate Town 1

Wrexham achieved their most home wins in a season since 1970, one short of the club record. Wrexham equaled their 3rd highest ever points total if points totals are adjusted to 3 pts for a win. Wrexham achieved their highest points total since 2012. Matty Sargent made his league debut. Jack Thorn made his professional debut. Christian Dibble has saved 3 penalties out of 4 … Continue reading #WxmAnorak | Wrexham AFC 2 Harrogate Town 1

#WxmAnorak: Gateshead 1 Wrexham 1

First time Wrexham have scored a goal in injury time which changed the result of the match since a Dagenham own goal earned a 1-0 win in October 2017, 71 games ago. Last time a Wrexham player scored a result-changing goal in injury time: Sam Wedgbury against Guiseley in September 2017, 79 games ago. The Dagenham goal is also the last time we scored a … Continue reading #WxmAnorak: Gateshead 1 Wrexham 1

No More Madness at Maidstone Please!

Let’s hope there’s no repeat today of our last trip to Maidstone, when the referee took centre stage. Sam Allison’s erratic performance had a massive influence on a day when almost everything went wrong for Wrexham. Our problems began before the match when Chris Dunn injured himself in the pre-match warm-up, so Christian Dibble was dramatically thrust into his Wrexham debut. Despite the disruption, we … Continue reading No More Madness at Maidstone Please!